KELO Details getting even more lurid

Good gosh. Kelo-land might have to become a "for-pay" adult service with the amount of detail that they're providing on the Sutton page accusations. In their latest, they use the term "sexually groped." Which is probably not going to help the furor over this thing die down.

In the same story where we finally get to hear Sutton's denials, KELO uses terms with a sexual connotation three or four times :
Sutton Denies Page's Accusation

He is on the ballot for re-election in three weeks, but a South Dakota state senator's career is in jeopardy because of an accusation that's been brewing for eight months.

The father of an 18-year-old male page says democrat Dan Sutton sexually groped the young man while the two roomed together during the legislative session.


Sutton was the youngest man in the legislature when we interviewed him in 2000. Now alleged sexual contact with a page could end his young political career.

"Dan Sutton now is all but destroyed," Butler says.

" And he denies that it happened?" asked KELOLAND News.

"Absolutely denies anything ever happened," Butler responded. "This is guilt by accusation."


Butler says all of this is especially disappointing because Sutton and the alleged victim are family friends. That's why the two roomed together during the session.

"These parents approved of this young man staying there. This young man had been a guest in Mr. Sutton's home many many times," Butler says.
Read all of the sensationalism here. I don't think the trend of "Jerry Springer" type telecasting from KELO is helping things any.


FFlier said…
This is old non-news. Eight months no charges?? When will Larry Long close a case? Just a bunch of people trying to cover themselves in light of the Foley scandal. In regards to other post comparing the two - there is a difference - evidence. Maybe we will see Don Jorgensen sneeking around the hills of Flandreau like he did in Pringle!
piglet said…
Boy, am I glad to find out what is going on! When I first read that a Dem Senator was in trouble for misconduct, I thought Frank got caught with one of his sows!
Anonymous said…
When will the Senate investigate Schoenbeck for fraud?
Anonymous said…
Fraud no, arogant jackoff, yes. Sutton, dirt ball, sure, but Lee can take his high horse and ride it nowhere b/c that's were he is going in a statewide race. On that note, anyone catch blogmore on lance russell today?

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