JRo says Volesky " popped out a screw somewhere on the Campaign Trail"

Joel Rosenthal over at SD Straight Talk has a post asserting that Ron Volesky may have had a screw loose, which fell out on the campaign trail. It's kind of funny, but I don't know if it was meant that way:
Consider this unreal statement:

If 9-11 hadn’t happened, I would have been elected attorney general in 2002

Larry Long was elected in 2002 because of his legal and prosecutorial ability not political ability. While 9-11 was an issue nationally, it never came up in 2002 AGs race. Ron is being revisionist on this one.

The other report that makes question if Ron should be checking his meds follows:

"Volesky made a notable slip-up when asked about his position on Amendment E, a proposal that would make judges and other public officials vulnerable to private lawsuits over their official actions. Volesky apparently thought that Amendment E was the title of the proposed abortion ban, and he launched into a speech about his opposition to that ballot issue, which is actually known as Referred Law 6.
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Anonymous said…
Bush was a popular war-time president in 02 who made 3 trips to South Dakota. This didn't make a difference in down ballot races?
I remember news footage of Long sitting behind the President at events in SD. Of course that helped Long.
Anonymous said…
if memory serves, long beat volesky 54-43...eleven points. (nutty newland got four points)

hey ron....9-11 was over a year before your defeat. and youre saying it moved that many points?

either that or maybe it was because AG is a prosecutors job and youve never been one. that "experience" deal is a pesky thing.

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