The reporter's rolodexes must be stuck on "S." Argus comes out with it's third story of the day

The Argus Leader comes out with it's version of the latest on Dan Sutton where he says he's staying in a story similar to the one that KELO just ran. And it's just about as lurid:
State Sen. Dan Sutton, who is the subject of an investigation involving a teenage legislative page, did nothing inappropriate and has no intention of stepping down, his attorney said today.

Sioux Falls attorney Michael J. Butler came out swinging in defense of Sutton.

He ripped Senate President Lee Schoenbeck and Senate Minority Leader Garry Moore for letters they sent Sutton last week.

Schoenbeck’s letter suggested that Sutton should resign, and both letters called for a legislative investigation into the accusation.

“This is very heavy-handed, and, in my opinion, an abuse of power,” Butler said.

And Butler said that Sutton would continue his bid to seek a fourth term in the state Senate.

“Mr. Sutton is a candidate, and will remain a candidate, for the state Senate,” Butler said.


Schoenbeck’s letter stated that a parent of a page contacted Schoenbeck on Oct. 11 and accused Sutton of “groping” the page.

It happened during the last legislative session when the two went back to Sutton’s hotel room, according to the letter. It also noted that “witnesses” saw the two go to the same room.

But Butler said there was nothing unusual about that. The page was staying with Sutton, and the page’s family approved of the arrangement.
Read it all here.

I suppose this is going to be the only thing we talk about for the rest of the week, isn't it? Ugh.

From what I understand, if he's staying, then we can expect for a special session to be called somewhere towards the end of November. So, no, it's not going to be before the election. Schedules, staff, investigatory materials, and a whole host of other logistics must be worked out prior to anything taking place.

I might have to take that day off to go "live blog" the special session.


Anonymous said…
pp - Check your first sentence. Why do you continue putting an apostrophe in the possessive form of "its?" This has to be driving your English teacher nuts.
Brad S said…
Doesn't Dan Sutton have an opponent in his district for reelection? If he can be defeated, why the need for the special session?
Anonymous said…
Anon 10:42:

PP has it right. He wrote:

"And it's just about as lurid..."

"It's" is a contracted version of "it is" -- and PP used it properly.

Now, if he could only learn stop using the word "Because" to start a sentence, he might actually be making some progress.
Anonymous said…
Sorry 9:40 - 10:42 was right. He referred to the 1st sentence - "The Argus Leader comes out with it's version..."

Battle of the Grammar Police Round 1 goes to 10:42.
Anonymous said…
I stand corrected. I only noticed the second it's, not the first.

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