Recent No on 6 Commercial

If you haven't seen it yet, here's a no on 6 commercial that's been running.


Joan said…
This is a good start. I hope they run this ad and more like it across the state.

pp - Would you please run a link to Kevin Woster's RCJ story that tells how the doctor who stated in the Vote Yes ad that HB1215 contains an exception for rape and incest victims is Leslee Unruh's son-in-law, Dr. Mark Rector?

It also tells how Dr. Don Oliver refused to directly answer when asked if Referred Law 6 would allow a pregnant woman with serious health problems who wasn’t in immediate danger of dying to obtain an intentional abortion. This man, who uses his medical degree to advance his cause, uses the excuse that he's "not an obstetrician" to avoid answering the question.

Looks like they need to change the name of their group to Vote Yes for Lies.
nonnie said…
Oh good grief. You accuse the vote yes people of lying. The vote no people lie all the time when they deny that an unborn baby is alive. That is the biggest lie of all. In order to avoid this issue, they focus on rape and incest which account for less than 2% of all abortions.
Anonymous said…
The pro-abortion ad's statement that rape and incest victims have "no options" is completely false given the option of emergency contraception available to all women at hospitals and, without a prescription, at pharmacies across the state.

I'd like to see Woster attack that bunch with the same zeal he used in his screwy editorial today.
Joan said…
Latest word is they pulled the ad. If that turns out to be true, that's a good as an admission that Vote Yes for Life should be Vote Yes for Lies.

And Nonnie, the best defense is not an offense in this case. These people have been caught lying, plain and simple. If they can't win an election by sticking to the truth, they deserve to lose.
Anonymous said…
anonymous 11:51:

Please provide us with a detailed list of all the hospitals and pharmacies in South Dakota, and whether or not they will provide EC to women who need it. Thank you.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous 12:44 -

Name a hospital in South Dakota that doesn't provide EC.

And, per the no on 6 voter guide I got at the state fair, over half of all pharmacies in South Dakota do provide EC. The handout said: "nearly half of the pharmacies in South Dakota don't carry it, . . ."

The pro-abortion ad's statement that rape and incest victims have "no options" is completely false.

Joan, who's the author of the "latest word"?
Anonymous said…
The whole thing is a waste of money for both sides. Most, if not all, people have their minds made up on how they are going to vote, and nobody is going to convince them otherwise.
ANNEME said…
There are no TRUE exceptions for rape and incest in referred law number 6. Morning after pill is not an exception. First of all Thune, Rounds and Hunt all straight out admitted that there is no exception. Second of all you can not find morning after pill in most pharmacies and hospitals. Thirdly rape and incest victims do not tell people within the the 72 hour for the most part. Therefore the morning after pill would not work. And some mothers could be in harms way without being on their death beds. Another point I would like to make is PRO CHOICE DOES NOT MEAN WE ARE PRO ABORTION. I AM NOT FOR ABORTIONS IN GENERAL, I AM FOR THE CHOICE IN CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES. IT IS FRUSTURATING THAT PRO LIFE PEOPLE HAVE TO DROP TO THE LEVEL OF CALLING PRO CHOICE PEOPLE BABY KILLERS AND SUCH.....VOTE NO ON 6...
Anonymous said…

Amended. Please provide a detailed list of hospitals and pharmacies in South Dakota. List 1. whether they carry EC 2. In what circumstances they provide it (Avera says they carry it but will only provide if you are not ovulating) 3. The names of the doctors and pharmacists that will provide, the names of those that won't but will refer you to someone who does, and those who won't and won't refer you to someone who does. Thank you.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous 12:55

No. I'm fine working off your list.

Or not play your stupid game and ote that even the no on 6 crowd acknowledge that over half of all pharmacies carry EC (no prescription required) and no one can ID a hospital that doesn't provide it.

The pro-abortion ad's statement that rape and incest victims have "no options" is completely false.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, they have the Bill Napoli option. If they were a christian virgin and raped brutally, and repeatedly, then maybe they could seek his consent.

You know, if E passes, HB 1215 is out the window anyway if the "special grand jury" says so.
Anonymous said…
On the topic of "no options," why isn't adoption ever mentioned (by either side) as an option?
Anonymous said…
Anon 3:16-

I agree completely.

Also, the amount of couples that would love to be parents (and are unable to conceive are waiting with open arms to give a loving home) would number far above the amount of abortions that were performed last year.
Anonymous said…
Nonnie -- I'm pro-choice and I've never denied that a baby is alive. Lot's of things, from cancer to carrots to pigs to tapeworms, are alive. What's your point?

3:16 and 3:39 -- Any couple desperate to adopt need only call the number on the Dept. of Social Services billboards and radio commercials. They have so many children that need "open arms to give a loving home" that they have to resort to paid advertising. Or better yet, go to their website: Oh, wait, those couples only want a perfect, white, newborn? Doesn't sound like abortion is the problem.
Joan said…
12:55 - I followed a link from cleancutkid to Coat Hangers at Dawn. Here is what it says:

Vote Yes on 6 - Falls Back To Tactic Of Last Resort
Voteyesforbackalleyabortion has been receiving a large amount of backlash for their deceptive campaign tactics including the outright claim of health exceptions in the ban.
Today they have swapped for a new TV commercial and abandoned the doctor's claiming health exceptions that don't exist commercial. The new commercial is available on their website.

I've looked on the Vote Yes website, but I can't tell if there is a new ad on there or even if I'm on the right site. I guess time will tell.

There is incentive to pull the ad. From the South Dakota Codified Laws:
SDCL 12-13-16. Publication of false or erroneous information on constitutional amendment or submitted question as misdemeanor. Any person knowingly printing, publishing, or delivering to any voter of this state a document containing any purported constitutional amendment, question, law, or measure to be submitted to the voters at any election, in which such constitutional amendment, question, law, or measure is misstated, erroneously printed, or by which false or misleading information is given to the voters, is guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor.
Source: SL 1913, ch 107, § 9; RC 1919, § 7224; SDC 1939, § 16.9923; SL 1982, ch 86, § 83.

3:16 - I would guess no one mentions adoption because it's an option that few mothers take anymore. It's no longer a stigma to be an unwed mother so they keep the baby.
Mimi said…
anneme is right on. Pro-birth control to help stop abortion. Legislators need to be more pro-birth control.
nonnie said…
3:57. My point is that one of the pro-abortion side's main points is that an unborn baby is not alive. Maybe they finally realized the error of their ways here because lately all we have been hearing is the rape/incest issue.

The way they talk, 100% of abortions are for rape/incest. If that had been left in the bill as an exception, you can bet that most of the abortions would have been claimed for that reason. In reality, rape/incest accounts for less than 2% of abortions. A small percentage would be for health of the mother. What about the rest? All that's left is convenience and last resort birth control. Which is why most people are sick of abortion on demand.

That's my point.
annem said…
Joan said…
I don't know any one who thinks abortion is a good thing. I don't know anyone who favors abortion.
The term pro-abortion exists only in the mind of abortion opponents.

The people I know realize there are situations where an abortion might be the best option for the welfare of the woman or girl. They believe the life of the woman has as much value as a developing embryo.
They believe it is up to each woman, with help from her doctor, and her spiritual advisor and/or counselor, to make that choice.

They know that most women don't lie about things like rape and incest.

They know that if they, their daughters, granddaughters, sisters or nieces, were among the 1 or 2 percent who were victims of rape, that numbers wouldn't matter.
Anonymous said…
It's like when Bush was asked in the 2000 race about what he'd do if a daughter got pregnant, (para) he said he'd counsel her against getting an's prochoice when its family, when its abstract and for votes or demonizing, it's pro-life.
Joan said…
1:16 - The thing is, that IS pro-choice when someone chooses not to have an abortion in a crisis pregnancy. They aren't forced to continue the pregnancy, they choose to continue it. Many people do choose to continue the pregnancy, but they make the decision and not the government.

And I very much agree with those who say the real emphasis needs to be on contraception use so these pregnancies do not occur in the first place. Sometimes contraception doesn't work, but I suspect there are more instances where people are just too lazy to use something.

Teach them abstinence but give them a safety net of knowledge in case they choose another route.

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