Billion says that like it's a good thing,

In an AP article by Chet Brokaw, Jack Billion recently pronounced where he stands philosopically within the spectrum of the Democratic Party. And, while I'm sure some of the commenters will form their own opinions, I'm pegging them a good way towards the left:
But long before he entered politics himself, Billion was inspired by George McGovern, a fellow Democrat who served three terms as a U.S. senator from South
Dakota and lost the 1972 presidential race to President Nixon.

"I'm an old McGovernite," Billion said.

"I think probably I became inspired with George McGovern when he spoke out against the Vietnam War," Billion said.

"Although I'm a veteran, I saw the war perhaps from the side of a physician. It was a tremendous loss of young people," Billion said. "You have an undying admiration for the young men and women who went over there and fought and suffered. They were a remarkable generation."

Billion also said he admired former President Clinton because he had "some pretty remarkable ideas" and managed the economy well.

Read it all here. No Harry Truman or FDR? Nope. McGovern and Clinton.

That leaves a bad taste in this conservative's mouth. Which reminds me of a couple of jokes....


Anonymous said…
I checked out the link and it's basically a brief bio. There's no "pronouncement" on the spectrum. Those types of attenuated, Sibby-esque implications discredit your site.
Todd Epp said…
While Jack and I have had our differences, I think proclaiming yourself a "McGovernite," thought not perhaps the wisest move in the reddest of states during an election year, is sincere and meant as a compliment of Sen. McGovern. Whatever your view of McGovern, he has been a faithful public servant and has a history of encouraging others to participate in the process.

I'll gladly join Jack as a "McGovernite"--seems to me to be a term implying grace, patriotism, compassion, and intelligence. You won't find a finer man, whatever your political perspective. I think the same way about Republicans Bob Dole and Joe Foss. I thnk Jack chose a good role model and inspiration.
Todd Epp said…
I meant "though" not "thought." Cold fingers from soccer this morning.
Anonymous said…

Really classy comment on a bad taste in your mouth, especially when the story you post talks about being an army medic.

The GOP has perpetuated the greatest fraud in the world on the military....

While Daschle, Johnson and Billion served their countries, Dick Cheney, Newt Gingrich and John Thune didn't.

Cheney had "other priorities"

Thune was going to a wacked-out bible college in California when he was 20 years old.

At the same age McGovern was flying his 40 combat missions over Europe. At the same age Bob Kerrey was leaving a limb in southeast asia.

Don't ever confuse these Pretend Patriots with real Americans who know that wars sometimes have to be fought, but they should never be glorified for partisan gain.
poliglut said…
Give me a break. Jack served in the Air Force.


It's crude, childish logic. These people love their country so much, they are to take an unpopular PUBLIC stance. To SPEAK OUT.

Unlike wimp legislators who dance when the Prez whistles, they are to be ADMIRED for their courage.

Whether you agree with them or not.
Anonymous said…
PP: "That leaves a bad taste in this conservative's mouth. Which reminds me of a couple of jokes...."

McGovern and Clinton ARE a couple of political jokes.

As much as I dislike and distrust Rounds, I can't bring myself to vote for Billion for several reasons, his love for those flaming liberals being only one of them.
been there said…
Then you're left with two other better choices, Willis and Gerber.
Anonymous said…
Esquire magazine endorses both Stephanie and Jack. They say that Stephanie is a rising star. What do you think about that?
Forget about Princess Stephanie- it will be Senator/Governor Stephanie. She probably is smart enough to stay in Washington instead of moving to the small haven of Pierre with many legislators that support only white Christian conservative males and their archaic ideas of life.
Anonymous said…
Esquire? Who cares?
Anonymous said…
Esquires endorsements leaned Dem pretty hard. And their comments showed that they have only a cursory knowledge of South Dakota politics.
poliglut said…

... but then ... you don't NEED much knowledge of South Dakota politics!

Our current visage within the national theater SUCKS.

As in, "Who ARE these BOZOS?"

So, throw the bums OUT.

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