If you haven't read A Progressive on the Prairie today - check out Bill Stegmeier's next ballot initiative "the SD Anti-Communist Act"

Oh wow. I just got around to reading Tim Gebhart's post tonight on Bill Stegmeier's next ballot intitiative effort. You think Amendment E is crazy? Wait until you read about the "South Dakota Anti-Communist Act/Amendment" that Bill may bring to SD:
Even before voters have expressed their views on Amendment E (J.A.I.L.), South Dakota J.A.I.L.er-in-chief Bill Stegmeier is working to put another extremist idea before the voters.

Gene Chapman is running for president in 2008. Who is Gene Chapman? He is an individual behind such concepts as the "Slave Freedom/Mark of The Beast Class Action Law Suit." Chapman comes from one of Stegmeier's favorite group of people -- tax protestors. In fact, Stegmeier's former blog site is at the top of the list of "Friendly Links" at Chapman's "Slave Freedom Movement" website and, before he pulled it down, Stegmeier's blog contained many of the ideas Chapman supports. I'll talk about Chapman's presidential platform in a bit but let's first explore his connection to South Dakota.

The following comes from a post yesterday on Chapman's presidential campaign blog:
I spent yesterday on the phone with Bill Stegmeier, whose "Amendment E" was talked about generally on C-SPAN last night by the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. I also spoke with Dr. [Robert] Clarkson. Stegmeier will help me after the November 7 elections on the formation of a state level Anti-Communist Act/ Amendment. Dr. Clarkson has agreed to sign his name to the legislation for the South Carolina Anti-Communist Act/ Amendment and Stegmeier may do so for the South Dakota Anti-Communist Act/ Amendment.

The act will be designed to outlaw the use of tax dollars for the imposition of all Communist activities (i. e. imposition of property taxes, income taxes, secular public schools, gun control laws, central banking, farm controls, etc., etc.).
Other items of the Anti-Communist Act/Amendment include prohibiting the use of tax dollars to support "industrial armies," "population control" and "counting people like cattle."

In a post today, Chapman said Clarkson, also a tax protestor and a disbarred lawyer, advised there is no ballot initiative process in South Carolina. As a result, "the state level Anti-Communist Act/ Amendment will have to be in a state like . . . South Dakota, a place where our efforts will have a population to support the effort." So, it seems Stegmeier thinks that after being a test tube for trying to gut the judicial system and state and local government, South Dakota should be a test case to abolish all taxes and public schools. Soon, South Dakota will go from being a test case to being considered a nut case.
Oh crap. Go read it all here. They're against banking and public schools? What in the heck are they for, wearing furs and living in caves?

I guess if Tim is up for participating in the "Vote No on the Anti-Communist Amendment" weblog in two years, I will be too.


been there said…
Seriously, this sounds like fun, should bring on some great debate. Like what does the US Constitution say the government is REALLY supposed to do?
Anonymous said…
11:42 is right - this could bring on a serious debate - Like, "How can we keep crazy people who want to undermine the government from putting goofy measures on the ballot, without undermining direct democracy?"

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