Bombshell - KSFY Names the Victim in the Sutton Page Investigation

KSFY TV is reporting on their website the identity of the family involved:

On Thursday afternoon Mike Butler, the lawyer for state Senator Dan Sutton, said his client has done nothing wrong. He says it all started during this year's lesgisaltive session when rumors circulated about Sutton. But nothing came from the rumors until this month when former Democratic candidate for governor Dennis Wiese sent a letter to Senate leadership.

"Now Mr. Wiese has decided that he would apparently contact Senator Schoenbeck," Butler says, "and attempt to accomplish by public accusation what he couldn't get accomplished by a criminal investigation."

In that letter Wiese says his son, who was a page at the time, was groped by Senator Sutton. Butler says he doesn't know who made that those letters public, but the timing is political according to the attorney, as Washington, D.C. Reacts to the Congressman Mark Foley page scandal.

Read it all here. Holy crap. I'm surprised that KSFY would "out" a possible crime victim like this. If there's anything positive to come from that (which I don't really see), hopefully it will blunt any criticism that it's a political thing, since at about that time Dennis was one of their candidates for Governor.

Keep the Wiese family in your thoughts at this time. I can't imagine what his son is going through.


been there said…
Now that we're getting rid of Duane Sutton and Danny Sutton, we need to finally elect Tom Sutton!
Anonymous said…
or Bob Sutton.
Pseudonym said…
I don't think that whoever coined the phrase "Politics make strange bedfellows" had this in mind, but this deal certainly is strange.

IF it is true, as Mike Butler claims, that the victim's father and Sutton endorsed each other for office before the June primary, which was AFTER the allegation was made in February, then one can only wonder if the victim's father would have pushed this issue if he had won the primary too.
Anonymous said…
I find it hard to believe the claim that this is just political since Wiese and Sutton are both Democrats. Also, weren't they friends? I heard their families were, but you know how rumors go.

Maybe Dennis Wiese didn't find out about it until some time after the primaries were over.
Anonymous said…
Why would Mr. Butler out the alleged victim? Just makes the settlement more expensive. Both Democrats? It's hard to make an argument that it's political timing. Can the Democrats appoint a successor for the election, still?? I thought that time had passed? And the Gov. will likely not appoint a Dem in the place of Sutton, if he wins and is not seated.

Just a sad / sick situation. and if the allegations are false - then it's even worse.
Anonymous said…
If *I* knew before the primary, *he* knew before the primary. Would he be pushing it if he were running for governor right now? Not likely.
Anonymous said…
I know both families and for those of you who know both the ALLEGED victim and the ALLEGED know the truth. Wiese made these allegations INITIALY right around the time he decided to run for govenor, but Sutton was still considering running for govenor. COINCIDENT??? I think not.

Wiese knew (and so does everyone else) that he couldn't beat Sutton. Wiese reports this ALLEGATION a.k.a RUMOR to the authorities and they cant find ANYTHING after months and tons of interviews. Gimmie a break. If there was any truth to this crap they would have "cuffed and stuffed" Sutton by now.

It's all false, everyone from Suttons district knows that and when all the facts come will everyone else.

Give Sutton a break. Wait for the TRUTH!!!! And as far as I ALLEGATION is not nor ever has been a SYNONYM for FACT or TRUTH.
Anonymous said…
Let's see: D. Sutton, D. Sutton, B. Sahr. Hmmm, I think Mr. Schoenbeck hates other people whose last name starts with "S"

Lighten up. It's a joke! (kind of)
Anonymous said…
I don't know, 9:28, you might be on to something.

Don't mess with might end up sleeping with the fishes.
Anonymous said…
looks to me like darn near everyone is missing the larger point. was the young man groped? whether or not that is true, is merely the SUBplot. the better question is....why are legislators inviting pages into their motel rooms for the night? if its fort pierre, there arent any suites over there, its you and me and there's the bed big fella! sheesh, thats crazy.
Anonymous said…
I think there are many motives that Dennis Weise has had throughout this entire ordeal. The unfortunate thing is Dennis apparently does not care about how this is affecting his son, or his family, only his own personal gain. This is not unusual for Dennis Weise. Weise has used his son in an attempt to get what he wants. He knows Sutton has a lot of influence and is very well respected. I think you will all be very surprised when you find out some of the facts surrounding Dennis Wiese's motivations. Sick to use your kid, yes. And this is only the beginning of the story. Have any of you considered the fact that maybe Dennis and his wife may have asked Sutton if thier son could stay with him? Dennis is a good example of a wolf in sheeps clothing. I am sure Dennis is scrambling right now due to his unsubstantiated accusations and threats. Perhaps someone should take the time to investigate what Dennis Weise's motives may have been. There are many. Dan has done so much for the community and our state, as well as he has helped this particular family in so many ways. But Dennis is an odd character, and those who know him know that. Dennis did not get where he is today on his own. I feel sympathy for Dennis's extended family, and especially for his elderly mother. There are so many facts yet to be heard, and I commend Dan Sutton's character in not ever steeping to the level of some, including Dennis Weise, of ever bashing him or his family. Dennis knows exactly what he is doing, and it is about to blow up in his face. My sincere thoughts and prayers go out to Dennis Weise's extended family as well as Dan Sutton's family. Can South Dakotan's now be included in the pack of paparazi's and tabloids? Looking at some of your posted messages, it would seem some of you have no compassion for either family in this very sad situation.

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