Say it ain't so, Dan. Argus LEader goes for community reaction in the Sutton/Page affair

The Argus Leader, following suit with some of the other media in the state, went to District 9 for reaction over the allegations that Senator Dan Sutton sexually groped the son of 2006 Democratic gubernatorial primary candidate Dennis Wiese when the two shared a hotel room during the 2006 legislative session:
Most didn't want to talk about it.

Chad Weber, a chiropractor, embodied the spirit of many.

"I've got my opinions, but I'm going to keep them to myself," he said.

Still, several people spoke up in defense of Sutton.

Val Smith chalked up the accusation against Sutton to a political hatchet job. Smith, who called Sutton "Danny," said she's been a friend for years.

"I think most people support Danny," she said.

"He's done so much for the school. He's done so much for the town. He volunteered hours and hours at the school. He would never do anything like that. He's not that type of person."


Verna Keiser, in town from Colman, said, "I don't know what to make of it. I know it's bad timing."

The bad timing went beyond the election. Thursday was opening night of the play "Fiddler on the Roof." Sutton had a prominent part in the community play.


Kris Larson of Aberdeen said she went to college with Sutton. She hadn't spoken at length with him in five years, but she said the Dan Sutton she knows wouldn't have done anything inappropriate.

Larson also was involved in a church program with Sutton. She called him a "strong Christian."
Read it alll here in today's Argus Leader.


Jackson said…
Isn't it just terrible when the media do some real journalism to find out how a community reacts? And maybe shows a little fairness and decency?
Anonymous said…
I think you mean District 8.
VJ said…
Well, the allegations are that he is from District 9 and I will believe that until the truth comes out!
Todd Epp said…
MOS (Man on the street) interviews a a time honored means of getting cheap and easy interviews from people in the area who really have no clue about the situation.

Comments to blogger posts have more insights.
nonnie said…
It IS district 8; I live here!
Anonymous said…
Poor little Danny.

What about the abuse of power? What about the minor?

The neighbors never can believe it when the guy next door commits a crime. "He was a quiet guy who went to church and always smiled and waved at me when I saw him on the street."

Poor little Danny. Poor little Marky Foley.
Anonymous said…
He wasn't a minor he was 18. These are allegations not facts and I think some of you are hitting below the belt here.
Anonymous said…
Um, I'm thinking this is "below the belt" all right ... wasn't that what caused the problem?
Anonymous said…
Man on the Street interviews have a place in journalism. I am more interested in what the average person thinks rather than a bunch of insiders or talking heads.
Anonymous said…
all you press guys out there who read these blogs....have any of you thought of asking the question:

how many nights did the young man stay in dan's motel room? how many beds are there?> did dan get in bed with a page?

if danny boy wont answer, ask dennis wiese since he is the complaining dad...he must know.
Anonymous said…
Commentaries on blog posts have more insights?

It's no wonder Epp lost his job as a press secretary.
Todd Epp said…
12:28 a.m.--

Funny. But not true.
Anonymous said…
Being as close as I am to this situation, it really and I mean REALLY bothers me when some of you assanine people go around and just go ahead and say since allegations are out that he must be guilty, because if that is what you are thinking, then you are wrong. So here are some facts that will hopefully clear everything up.

1. The victim was an adult when this happened.

2. This victim enjoyed seeing the faces of Dan's family at school when he talked about it.

3. Dan was a Wiese family friend.

4. They were always welcome at his house and he treated them as if they were his own flesh and blood.

5. There wasn't anything he would not do to help them.

6. The whole Wiese family doesn't even believe these allegations.

7. When Dan walks anywhere he always waves and smiles. (Duh, you moron that is what politicians do)

8. Dan's job was his life. This job means the world to him and there is no way in hell that he would throw away a life time of hard work to supposedly rape some kid who could've been in his room for multiple nights.

9. This investigation has been going on for months and they have had to interview hundreds of people. If they had found even two or three people other than the victim and his parents that believed this actually happened, wouldn't he already be in court?

I can never say if that I know Dan or the victim better than anyone else does, but what I can say is that the victim showed no signs of being groped and was more cocky and arrogant to the people closest to Sutton after these accusations first came out. I can also say that all Mr. Sutton has wanted to do in his life is serve the state of South Dakota, and he would never do anything and I mean ANYTHING to jepordize his chances of doing that.

So before you even think about replying to this just read the facts I have given you and try to see that these accusations are nothing more than political sabotage. Because if we remember, when Wiese was consemplating a bid for govenor, so was Sutton and there is no way on God's green earth that Wiese would've beaten out Sutton now, or in the 2010 govenors election. So read my facts and my opinions, let them stew over and then reply back, not out of anger or anything like that, but just out of your gut feelings coupled with the facts that you know.

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