And Democrats wonder why they can't win a majority. Hargens jabs a sharp stick at a man bearing gifts

The only thing that came to mind as I read this was "What an @$$****"

If you're not familiar, noted philantropist and very rich guy T. Denny Sanford made the news for a recent donation of money. He just committed $70 Million Dollars to help make the Homestake Underground Research facility a reality. As written in today's Argus Leader:
Late Monday afternoon, Lead Mayor Tom Nelson still was reeling from T. Denny Sanford's announcement of a $70 million gift to help convert the Homestake Mine into an underground laboratory for scientific research.

Gov. Mike Rounds had told Nelson a few months ago he was working on something that would create a huge benefit to the underground lab, Nelson said.

"I'm still a little overwhelmed," he said. "This gift will mean tremendous infrastructure improvements to the underground lab, a visitors center and educational outreach that, in my mind, makes the selection of Homestake a no-brainer to NSF (National Science Foundation)."

The site is one of two finalists for a national deep underground science and engineering lab, competing with the Henderson Mine in Colorado.

Sanford, chairman of United National Corp. - the holding company for Premier Bankcard and First Premier Bank - virtually matched his total giving for 2005 at $70.6 million with this single contribution.


The larger portions will be used to create an education center for children called the Sanford Center for Science Education. It also will develop a clean room space and underground lab at the 4,850-foot level.
Read it all here. And how does the House Democratic Leader thank a man who is making one of the single largest donations in South Dakota History?
House Democratic Leader Dale Hargens of Miller questioned the need for facilities to be named after Sanford, as had been done for the University of South Dakota's medical school.

"If he wants to spread his money around the state, that's fine," he said. "Most of us will settle for our names in granite in the cemetery."

Hargens added the gift will help increase the lab's chances.
Yes, you read it here. He actually cannot manage more than a backhanded compliment at the donor. And that's combined with a backhanded slap.

You know, if I was giving that much money, I'd want a mention of it somewhere too in the hopes it might inspire future generosity and philantropy in an increasingly self-centered world. But Dale Hargens? Nope. Just thanks for the check and hit the road.

What a horse's ass. He can barely manage a thank you for 70 million and actually takes a jab at the donor. It speaks volumes.


Anonymous said…
Those were my thoughts exactly. I wouldn't put it past the Argus Leader to quote him out of context though, would you? Lets hope he sees the quote, calls Sanford to smooth it over and thinks before speaking to the Argus Leader again.

Anonymous said…
Count me as one Democrat who is thankful for Mr. Sanford's generosity. At one point he committed millions of $$ to the U. of M., but didn't get the details worked out with them. Instead, Mr. Sanford decided to donate his money in South Dakota. We all owe him a big thanks.

You know, anyone who donates that much money deserves to attach his name to the project. Look at all of the Carnegie Libraries all over the state. We were happy to have them in their day too.
Anonymous said…
Thank you Thank you Thank you!! Wow I hope this is what pushes us over the edge to get this research project.

Does everyone realize what an economic boost this will be for SD? It will be huge, our grads from the Mines will work just North of the School.

God Bless you Mr. Sanford!!
Anonymous said…
Poor Dale must still be a little bitter for missing the Democratic PUC nomination over the weekend in Huron.
Anonymous said…
The democrats have a problem with this because there is no way for them to claim they are being victimized by it.
Figure out a way for them to be able to claim they were victims if there is a problem down the road and they will accept his gift.
Anonymous said…
anon 12:16 is a victim of his own stupidity, though he'll never admit it.

Speaking of victims, where's a post about limp-dick Limbaugh with his lawyer whining that he shouldn't have been arrested because the viagra really did belong to family values boy?
Anonymous said…
$7 or $70 million... who cares he is giving back to SD and that is all that should matter.....think of it as buying a commerative brick to help pay for a educaion building....but just buying all of them at one time.
Anonymous said…
Not sure how some lib (anon 1:39) made a connection between Sanford and Rush Limbaugh.

I'm as big a Rush Limbaugh fan as anybody, but I wonder if Rush was putting Viagra in his ears a couple years ago. Maybe that's what made him hard of hearing.
Anonymous said…
I guess that talent wasn't on loan from God. It was on loan from Pfizer.
Anonymous said…
I figure by repealing the state inheritance tax Denny is just paying the state now what he would have owed under the old system. Very honorable. Maybe Thune should use this in his push to repeal the "death tax" although Buffet shots that argument down I suppose.

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