Herseth has another candidate gunning for her now.

Coming off of the weekend's conventions where Libertarians are fielding more top of the ticket candidates than the dems, they continue their drive pushing for the congressional seat. From the Brookings Register:
Rural Bruce resident Larry Rudebusch, 45, said today that he is campaigning as the Libertarian Party's candidate for South Dakota's at-large seat in the U. S. House of Representatives.

In a news release this morning, the family farm operator announced his campaign theme: "It's Time to Work the Problem." Explaining further, Rudebusch said his campaign "will focus on the single factor which has been identified from history to be the root cause of the serious problems facing South Dakota and this nation. That single factor is this nation's monetary system."

Putting the nation's public and private debt at more than $26 trillion total, Rudebusch cited the need for "monetary reform to restore public control over the nation's money supply," adding that "it is imperative that this nation stop using bank debt in place of real money. History teaches that this is the only way to reduce our debt and tax burdens and end financial dependence on government."

He also noted that through public control over the nation's money supply, "the six-decades long farm crisis can be brought to an end."
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Anonymous said…
Yeah, the 3% he will take from her will really hurt her chances. Maybe it won't let her break the 60% mark. Uh-Oh!
Anonymous said…
But I think the guy is right-on. Too bad we just make fun of his type and don't take it seriously.
Anonymous said…
I am in no way disagreeing with his positions. But the libertarian party is simply not a viable political avenue for the masses

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