Like, gag me with an order. Aberdeen School District says access to board attorney is limited to only those with permission from Board President

In Aberdeen, there's at least one school board member who is feeling a little shut out after the board took the unusual step of blocking access to the School Board's attorney without permission. From the Aberdeen American News:

Members of the Aberdeen school board must now get an OK from the board president or the superintendent before contacting the district's attorney.

The board approved the policy revision on a 4-1 vote this week. Bob Nikolas voted no. Duane Alm, Linda Burdette, Mike Miller and Brian Sharp voted yes. Brad Olson and Scott Wirth were absent.

The revision will create more accountability among board members and possibly save money, Alm said.

"It is not a free service," Alm said of the attorney's work, which the district pays for on a per-hour basis.

However, if a board member and a board president happen to disagree on an issue, the president could prevent that board member from contacting the attorney for information, Nikolas said. The same goes for a superintendent and board member who disagree, he said.

"Each of us were elected individually," Nikolas said, and therefore should be allowed to contact attorney Rory King without permission.

"It's like a gag order. It restricts the flow of information to us," Nikolas said.

Read it all here. And why do I sense this one isn't over yet?


Anonymous said…
Who is Bob Nickolas and why should we care?
Anonymous said…
South Dakota's school boards are hopelessly secretive. Rapid City's is a disaster, which makes the selection of a school board member for the Dems Lt Gov a doubtful proposition.
Anonymous said…
Bob Nickolas is the only member on the Aberdeen School board worth his salt. He is the only one on the Board who thinks when casting a vote. The other board members think if it costs more it has to be good.

Aberdeen needs someone who knows how to balance a checkbook.

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