In district 32, Constitutional Candidate Dan Lautenschlager has bailed on the race

Elli Schwiesow is one step closer to being the new Senator for District 32 with Constitutional Party candidate Dan Lautenschlager bailing out of the race. From the Rapid City Journal:
Lautenschlager said in a prepared statement that he entered the race to make sure voters had a conservative option in the general election. He said that was guaranteed when Elli Schwiesow defeated incumbent Republican state Sen. Stan Adelstein in their District 32 Senate primary.

Lautenschlager said he would now support Schwiesow, and he asked his supporters to do the same.

“Elli is the clear choice for anyone who cares about our God-given rights to life, liberty and property as guaranteed by the Constitution,” Lautenschlager said.
Read it all here. One down, one more to go. GO ELLI!


Anonymous said…
What an endorsement, way to go Elli. Who's next, David Duke.
Anonymous said…
Based on their common views, I think a David Duke endorsement could be assumed.
Anonymous said…
I think an endorsement by one of the Duke boys is great. Let's hope the other one gets on board next, as well as Daisy.
I can hear Boss Hogg telling his campaign manager, Cletus "dang them Duke boys!!"
Repub 1 said…
Can you imagine what "would" of happened if Lautenshlager made it to to the chamber...oh boy, somebody call the capitol police!
Anonymous said…
Are you kidding, or do you really think David Duke is from the Dukes of Hazzard? I applaud Lautenschlager for his wise move. He no doubt would have made the race very interesting if Stan had won the primary. It's a classy move and I'm proud of him.

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