Convention 2010 tentatively set for Huron

As I was getting out the door yesterday because my kids had had their fill of convention - God knows why an 18 month old wouldn't enjoy a couple hours of speeches - Dana Randall of Aberdeen was announcing that contingent upon approval by the central committee, the site selection committee had selected Huron as the location for the 2010 State Republican Convention (despite Brookings nice new Swiftel center).

And a personal big thanks to Dana from me. While I had only my head stuck inside the door in the rear of the room as the kids loaded up in the car, from up on the podium he gave props to the SDWC and myself. Not that I was looking for it, but that's a nice turnaround from several months ago when I got called out at the central committee meeting.

I still have many more reflections on this years' conventions to come, so stay tuned.


Anonymous said…
Well at least we are getting reflections from someplace. The Kranz column today is full of lame stuff, not a word about the coventions. Not even about his beloved Democrats.
Anonymous said…

Convention delegates yesterday overwhelmingly rejected an attempt to amend a resolution supporting a measure that would ban almost all abortions in the state.

Lawrence County delegate Sam Kephart suggested adding language acknowledging those who take issue with the ban. He says he opposes abortion but thought GOP moderates needed some "breathing room." In his words: "We may need to acknowledge there are some decent people in the middle."

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