Steele is in - White Plume is out. At least as far as the BIA is concerned.

The Rapid City Journal has the story on how the Bureau of Indian Affairs is recognizing president elect John Yellow Bird Steele over Alex White Plume who's been a bit pokey in giving up the office:

The Bureau of Indian Affairs is recognizing President John Yellow Bird Steele as the official president of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, according to a letter sent to Steele on Tuesday by BIA regional director William Benjamin .

“Congratulations to you and other newly elected tribal council members, as indicated by the certified election results forwarded to us from the Oglala Sioux Tribe,” the letter said.

The BIA now considers Steele, vice president William “Shorty” Brewer and tribal representatives elected in the Oct. 3 primary and Nov. 7 general election the rightful owners of their respective tribal offices.

Benjamin said he wrote the letter to acknowledge that his office had received the OST’s Dec. 5 resolution that certifying the primary and general election results.

“We in the Great Plains Regional Office look forward to working with you and the Council in meeting the objectives for the advancement of the Oglala Sioux Tribe,” the letter said.


But Alex White Plume -- who replaced the impeached Cecelia Fire Thunder as president in June but was removed from the ballot for the Nov. 7 election that Steele won -- has disputed the legality of the swearing-in and Steele’s presidency.

He has said he was illegally removed from the ballot, which happened when the tribal election board said he had a felony on his record. He said the election board ignored the election court of appeals’ decision for a new election.
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Anonymous said…
Is John Yellow Bird Steele related to Manny Steele?

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