And the hot tips just keep on coming...

I have it on good authority that former State Legislator Carol Pitts is looking seriously at running for the State House in District 7. And about the Editorial from this week's Grant County Review rumoring that former State Senator Larry Diedrich is interested in his old seat? I'm told that it's most likely accurate, and we'll probably see him announce.

Has anyone seen a petition being circulated for Ron Volesky for Governor? Me neither. But since I'm an "R," it's not like they'd ask me to sign it. The rumor running around the Capitol today is no one has seen one. I'm not buying it, but it's what's haunting through the halls today.

An even better rumor that was percolating yesterday was that State Auditor Rich Sattgast was going to run for Congress. It must have been a popular one, because I'd heard it twice. But, let me assure you - straight from the horse's mouth - it's not true. In fact, Rich is in the process of getting his official announcement out that he's running for State Auditor again, and it should be hitting the newspapers and media this weekend.

With nearly as many kids as I have, Rich wants to enjoy watching thier sports activites, and has no interest in going to Washington at this point. But who knows? Maybe 4 years from now.

Oh! Don't forget to check out The current candidate list from the Secretary of State. It's live. Republican Bob Drown from Bison in the 28B House race has the distinction of having the first Legislative Petition turned in this year.


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