My survey has been sent.

As I had mentioned I'd do, Ive sent out a survey to the legislators in an attempt to find out a bit more than the usual mundane things. I'm looking to find out more about attitudes, leadership, and how they relate with the party system.
For those who were wondering what I was going to hit them with - here it is:
What is the role of the legislature?

Do you feel you are free to do the best job you can for your district?

Do you think your caucus does a good job promoting a unified agenda?

Do you believe your caucus has strong leadership?

Do you think your caucus is well served, adequately handled, or somewhat ignored by your state political party organization?

Do you closely follow or ignore your party's political platform when considering legislation. Or is it somewhere in the middle?

Do you think your state party does enough for legislative candidates at election time, or do you find yourself looking for more help?

Do you believe your political experiences have adequately prepared you for seeking higher office? Or do you think it has nothing to do with 'political experience?'

In casting the role of future leader or up-and-comer, do you feel "cream rises to the top" so to speak, where certain personalities stand out on their own, or do you have to seek the favor of party leaders to gain the spotlight?

Do you anticipate running for higher office? At this time, can you say what office and when?
I've already had one legislator tell me the questions were good, but tough.

I honestly don't know what to expect. Even if I only get partial participation, this should be interesting.


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