I'm just staying out of this one.

I was having dinner with State Senator Brock Greenfield tonight while he had a free hour, and we ended up at Guadalajaras in Pierre. And yes, consider that a plug for thier excellent food.

By coincidence, Senator's Apa, Napoli and "Soon to be Senator" Klaudt were just finishing up a meal there as well. We chatted for a while, with Ted asking about how I got started on this blogging thing. It's like every time I run into a legislator they say "Oh, YOU'RE the one who writes that." I'm not sure if I should get nervous about that or not.

About the time I got my dinner, the conversation turned to my list of political personalities for 2005.

In the conversation, they brought up the fact that they were on another website's list, except it wasn't a good list. They pointed out that outdoor media personality and sportsman Tony Dean had them on an anti-sportsman list because of thier introduction of Senate Bill 86.

I did explain that Tony and his wife are godparents to my son, and very close friends of my family. I've known them for years, went to school with thier oldest son, Tony gave the eulogy at my mom's funeral, etc.

In the Senators' defense; just like they are, I'm conservative and very aware of the concern in the hills about removing property from the tax base in these times of very tight city and county budgets. And just like Reagan said, government is not the solution to the problem, (more often than not) it IS the problem.

And while I don't hunt (despite my desire to take up deer hunting if I can ever find the time) I do also understand Tony's concern for conservation and access for hunters to public land.

Do I sound like I'm going to try to negotiate a truce? Nope. I'm just staying out of the whole thing. (You've got the links to all of it above to make up your own minds.)


Anonymous said…
Why do you asertain(?) the belief that the "property" would come off the tax roles. If one were to check, I believe that the majority of the property managed by GFP pays local property tax. Please infom me if I am wrong? By the way, I would like my picture put back on your site next to Sattgast.
PP said…
that's why I stay out of those issues - I'm too ill informed.
Anonymous said…
I'm not ill informed. Sportsmen and their organizations are the new useful idiots of the environmental movement. Ignorant (I don't mean stupid) folks like these, aided by land management bureucrats, are responsible for ongoing incursions into private property rights of inholders, or anyone living near or leasing public land.
"the majority of..property managed by GFP pay local property taxes"? Government paying taxes...hmmmmm.
What's the problem with some oversite by elected officials?
Anonymous said…
Deep pockets GF&P need to be accountable to someone!!
Anonymous said…
Yes, we need GFP accountable to Lintz, Klaudt and their crowd because they are really concerned about the average instate hunter who can't afford to spend $250 a day to shoot a pheasant or $1500 to shoot a deer. Be careful what you wish for, SD by referendum can always limit out of state tags for those pretty birds and that would kill the preverbial gold goose (sorry to mix my species).
Anonymous said…
have to like the Democrat approach - Healy says "property pays property tax."
Anonymous said…
Labeling elected officials as "your enemy" certainly reveals Tony Dean's disgraceful, vindictive thoughts. Personal attacks are indecent. Show us your sportsmanship Tony. Best you take your gun and go home.

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