So far, no good.
Do I need to liven things up?

So far I've gotten three responses out of 105 from legislators. This survey thing isn't going so hot right out of the gate.

That, and one of my close friends was nice enough to send me an e-mail groaning that my little political weblog is boring lately. Boring? Me? I haven't been accused of being boring in years. So it has me wondering if I need to spice things up a bit.

The thing is, I don't lack for stories. I've been party to as many wacky scenarios as Lucy Ricardo. The problem with telling some of these tales is that I really don't want to consult an attorney every time I write something. Or I don't want to alienate readers in the process.

I could tell the story about a former legislator who I'm quite sure was a college roommate of mine. Aside from the fact he stiffed me for $100 rent, he didn't exactly go to school that semester. Instead, he was committed. Really. Two days after registration passed, and I couldn't figure out why he hadn't moved in, I got a call from his mom that he was going to Yankton instead of SDSU.

But the problem with that is that while I'm pretty sure, I'm not 100% sure that he was later the legislator I'm thinking of. So the attorney would probably say "No, not unless you want to give them your house."

Or I could relate the adventures of a GOP activist of several years who worked for a couple state level campaigns. Since then, he's been widely quoted in the media as leader of the Log Cabin Republicans in another state. (As Seinfeld would say, "Not that there's anything wrong with that.")

I have considered contacting him for an interview, but I suspect that would be too weird for several dyed-in-the-wool redneck Republicans who knew him from before and have no idea he 'declared his preference.' Because he was probably more obnoxious than most of us.

In my note to legislators with this survey, I described this blog as part tutorial website, part political news coverage and part editorial web log. I don't know if I subconciously left out the "part gossip column" part as my wife accuses me of.

Bear with me if things are slow at times. They'll be plenty of gossip and political coverage coming. And I'm sure I'll keep sounding off on issues.

And the campaign tips will become plentiful again. In fact, this week I have to do a project for a candidate, and I'm considering taking pictures while I do it for a tutorial, similar to my system for suspending a sign in the back of a pickup truck, which my blogger peers alternately mocked and congratulated me for. (Mostly mocked).

But then again, if I did that, I'm sure there will be another criticism - I'll probably be accused of giving away all my good ideas to the other side.

Stay tuned.


David Newquist said…
An old editor I worked for--old, hell, he's dead--declared that news is gossip that is verified. It follows the same pattern. We don't sit around our coffee cups saying things like, "Sam went to work again today."
Or, "Fortunata and her husband did not fight today." According to critics of the press, we ought to be focusing on the good news. As that editor said, "You want to fill the news hole with items like 'There ain't no potholes evident today'?"

Routines do not catch attention, but curiosity and interest gets piqued when they vary. However, the variations do not have to be lewd and salacious and scandalous, but that is what sends the drool down the chins.

Engineers, however, find meticulous descriptions of how things work riveting. (Sorry about that.) People who read political blogs to study how things work are like that. Let those waiting for Fortunata to belt Sam with the skillet and run naked into the stree be bored. After a while, naked Fortunatas get boring, too.
Anonymous said…
A legislator has very little incentive to fill out your survey. They are kind of busy right now and you aren't some special interest group ready to issue endorsements and write campaign checks.
Anonymous said…
You actually got three responses?? Frankly, those questions seem a little nosy ... really - how many politicos are going to admit they either are in lock-step with their party or disagree entirely and are either DINO or RINO. And you should call your Southern friend and ask him for an interview. It might be interesting, in a weird sort of way. BTW, the best part of this blog is the gossip. The other stuff is just bonus.
Anonymous said…

Just my opinion, but I think your blog is at its best when you discuss the art and science of running for office. I think THAT is unique--and useful. I also think it gives you the most potential for readership, as Ds, Rs, and even some Is will find it informative and interesting.

That's my opinion, I could be wrong. I'm a guy that thinks polling is interesting and mailing list software is fascinating.


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