I'm not sure if I should tease them on this one. It might hit too close to home..
Breaking news from the Treasurer's Office

From the state treasurer's office by way of breaking news alert from Keloland.com:
State Treasurer Vern Larson says someone is trying to scam senior citizens by offering to help them collect unclaimed property for ten dollars when the information is free through his office.

Larson says senior citizens around the state have received a post card telling them the state has millions of dollars in unclaimed property. It offers to sell instructions and a collection form. Larson says sometimes all they get for ten dollars is the phone number to the state's unclaimed property division.
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Vern's a great guy, and I know he has a sense of humor, so he shouldn't be offended when I yank his chain a little by 'a little puffery' in reporting this story.

Actually the State Treasurer is an office where if you don't hear from them, it's smooth sailing. So on the rare occasion when something comes up, we have to help raise their profile. It's not like the treasurer's office is a hotbed of gossip.

Although, I hear rumors from unexpected places floating about town about who is going to be running for that office in 2010. But at this moment, they're just scurrilous rumors.


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