Trying a few things. A preview of what might be coming.

I'm making an attempt to go back to a 3-column design, as well as integrating a new masthead that I hope to combine with my rotating pictures. The rotating pics have to stay. Aside from being my personal favorite, I want to integrate ads into them to help me pay for some of the things I've had to shell out some money for with the blog.

Right now, you'll notice that if you click on them, a few will send you to a homepage (for a few of the elected statewide officials).

I've also added an area at the top for immediate featured links (where people can contact me at the moment) and a link can be provided at the top of the page to help drive traffic to specific websites.

If you can't tell, I'm trying to do some new things and beef up the blog in preparation for the election to come. It's going to be a BIG election year with lots of competitive races. And I'm looking forward to covering it in depth.


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