Challenge accepted. Waiting on a 10 questions with..

If you recall a few posts ago, in an attempt to try to understand the Judicial Accountability Act, I threw out an offer to the SD Jailer in Chief, Bill Stegmeier:
If the JAILers will agree to it, I'll offer one of my 10 questions with... to Bill Stegmeier.

What does he have to do to get the opportunity to be featured at the SDWC with no editorial comment from myself (excepting the slander of others). It's simple. I'll send him ten questions. And he sends me the answers to those questions.

And that's all ten of them. Unlike the legislative hearing, he can't refuse to answer the ones he doesn't like. But, pursuant to the request he had of legislators, the questions will be in writing.

What will the topics be? I'm going to ask Bill about the JAIL measure and his views on government. Same format as I've done for others. Everything he's written or has been written about himself and JAIL is fair game.
To his credit, Bill very cordially replied. He did intimate that he'd prefer that the questions were regarding the measure. That worked for me.

In between working some more on a brochure this evening, making t-shirts for a candidate, and skimcoating a screen for a sign, I sent him off my 10 queries for specific information on the measure he's proposing for South Dakota.

Don't think I'm going soft, either. Many of these questions relate to things I couldn't figure out about the measure by reading it. Others relate to the promotion of the measure. None of them are easy questions, but I believe they are quite valid.

And the nice thing for the JAIL people is they get a post here where I'm not beating the tar out of them. They get a chance to respond to some of the arguments against them without me interjecting my opinion.

So, the clock is ticking, and I'm looking forward to my response. You should too. It might surprise you.


Anonymous said…
I was sitting in the audience for the Senate Committee hearing when Stegmeier read a prepared statement and then refused to answer questions about Amendment E. He stated he would respond to written questions. It was clear to me that Stegmeier wanted to have the assistance of others, presumably Branson and the California attorney working with Branson.

I look forward to seeing Stegmeier's responses to your questions. I doubt they will be written by him.
Anonymous said…
One other thought...I've read Branson's and the California lawyer's explanations before and they made no sense which is consistent with the text of Amendment E which I found to be mostly nonsense (check it out for yourself on the internet--go to the SD Secretary of State's website and you'll find it).
Anonymous said…
I agree with jcr. I think the reason Stegmeier wants every question in writing is so that his California people such as Ron Bransn, Gary Zerman and Bonnie Russell can answer the questions for him.

That is why Stegmeier refused to answer the Senate Committee's questions and why he jumped at the chance for your 10 questions in writing.
Anonymous said…
You're making t-shirts for a candidate? In your opinion is that an effective use of campaign funds?
PP said…
Nick - It didn't hurt the governor any.

And actually, if you think about it, it's the same concept as a political button, but there's more of a chance it will be worn more than once.

He's going to use them for his supporters who will be going door to door for him. It's not like I'm churning them out by the hundreds.

And anon - I would agree that the questions are going out of state. But trust me, not all of them are easily answered.
Anonymous said…
If the shirts are just for campaign workers and not a general give away and the workers wear them whenever they campaign then they might be money well spent for raising name ID.

Back in the day, 1992, when I first ran for State House of Representatives my Wife bought some iron on letters ond made "Nemec for State House" t-shirts for our three youngest daughters. With their first names on the back and $1.99 straw cowboy hats on their 5,4,and 3 year old heads they were instant celebrities at any parade or county fair we went to. I guess that was money well spent. Not just for the name ID but because the girls have fond memories of those days.

But, good luck getting a teenager to wear a cheesy homemade t-shirt and a cheap straw hat.

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