It's a two way street on that one, you know.

In the Huron Daily Plainsman, Dale Hargens claims that Republicans aren't keeping their campaign promises.
Republican candidates for the state Legislature should be held accountable for campaign promises that don’t always match their voting records, the House Democratic leader said Thursday in Huron.

“We need to dig in and show what they have stood for in the past,” Dale Hargens of Miller said. “People at home seem to forget about it.”

In an appearance before the Beadle County Democratic Forum, the six-year member of the Legislature who is seeking re-election said members of his party were able to increase K-12 education funding the past two years with support from some Republican senators.

But Hargens said Democratic voters need to support the large field of candidates — including two former Republican legislators — so the party can gain enough seats to block extreme legislation.

“Across the state, we have people stepping forward,” he said of Democratic candidates who filed nominating petitions by Tuesday’s deadline. “I think they’ve finally had enough.”
I agree completely that politicians who make campaign promises ought to be expected to keep them. But what Dale needs to realize is that it's a two way street. He's falsely assuming that Democrats are as pure as the driven snow.

In the past, there have been plenty of Democrats who make wild promises that they have no ability or no intention of keeping. In fact, if you readers have a few examples for me - drop me a note. I'd love to discuss the promises unkept in an upcoming blogpost (I've got to get back from Lunch at the moment, otherwise I'd do it myself.)


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