Stephanie is a MILLIONAIRE

In an AP story, The Rapid City Journal this AM reported that Congresswoman Herseth has a million dollars in the bank as compared to Bruce Whalen's $5000:
Rep. Stephanie Herseth has raised about $1 million in her bid for re-election this November, and her Republican opponent has raised less than $5,000. Bruce Whalen, the Republican running against Herseth, will not file a fundraising report for the first three months of 2006, Whalen campaign manager Lee Breard said.
Republicans - this should be a wake up call to get working for our candidate. Take a moment and write a check to the Whalen for Congress Committee.


Anonymous said…
Whalen must have Roger Hunt as his campaign treasurer. Promissed $1 mill for HB 1215 defense and has delivered $11,000.
Anonymous said…
Sorry, but this Republican has plenty of other races to put my money on rather than this one, which is a guaranteed win for Steph anyway.
Anonymous said…
the republicans don't want this guy to win. they want this guy to run. they want to use a native american running as republican to say "we care about indians."

I hope herseth unseats thune some day. Thune is a republican, and therefore dishonest and corrupt. He works as a lobbyist for the railroad, then as soon as he gets in he serves them up a big dish of PORK.

The Republicans don't believe in anything anymore. They don't believe in being conservative, that's for sure.

I'd say they like power. Power and pork.

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