Starting a new weblog - and it's hugs and kisses all for J.A.I.L.

It's not that I've got that much free time on my hands. But I think factual information on the Judicial Accountability Amendment, Amendment E, is important enough to warrant a weblog strictly devoted to the topic.

You can find the weblog at and I'm working on the inaugural post as we speak.

That doesn't mean that I won't take the time to post on JAIL here. Rather, it's a good place to aggregate all the information I dig up without getting "too J.A.I.L. crazy" at the SDWC.

God knows J.A.I.L. doesn't need any more crazyness.


Tim over at A Progressive on the Prairie has agreed to join me on this blog and contribute articles on the South Dakota Judicial Accountability Act (Otherwise known as Amendment Excrement).

I'm excited about this, since we're both being cited as "the big critics" of the measure, and it's only appropriate. If it was only me, is would only be half a "beat down" on JAIL.

While I'm just a smart aleck who knows how to do research, Tim has the legal background to blow this thing out of the water and expose it as the bad law it is.

Now, it's going to get the total smackdown it deserves.


Anonymous said…
Tim seems to have a very light caseload. :)
Anonymous said…
There is already a blog dedicated to amendment e check out AND ONCE AGAIN I will say.... This is about AMENDMENT E, NOT bill Stegmeier. You guys look like a bunch of kids scrambling around to discredit the neighborhood kid who is gonna tell your parents about something you did. Why not be constructive? Why not offer an actual debate instead of all this Bill Bashing. Remember there are 46,800 south Dakotans who think this law is needed, so stop and think about who you are also bashing...AND GROW UP!!
Anonymous said…
Grow up? No grownup would vote for this..this is childish, paranoid, myopic shi* and there is no way to dress it up.

Sorry, truth has to sometimes hurt but you can't print your own money, can't mortage your property and then not pay the bank, can't declare yourself sovereign and not pay your taxes, can't sue a judge personally for an official act of his/her office.

This is simply ridiculous. It reminds me a Will Ferrell character who asked if everyone was taking crazy pills. Or in the alternative, trying to clap with only one hand.

Keep going PP, you are dead on here.
Anonymous said…
Way to go P. Next one that needs exposing is STOP. It's nearly as insidious as JAIL, with far more impact on every South Dakotan.
Tim said…
To anonymous one: Hi Bonnie. You need to try some attempted insults that don't appear in your e-mails to me if you really want to be "anonymous."

To anonymous two: Go to the new blog and read, say, J.A.I.L. Lies - Parts 1, 2 and 3. Then tell us we're not talking about Amendment E. And later in the week there will be a post specifically looking at who is talking about the issues.
Anonymous said…
To Anonymous who said "remebmer there are 46,800 SD'ans who think this law is needed." Wake up and smell the roses! I am one of that 46,800, but I am NOT in favor of this law. I signed it at the state fair and stupidly did not do my research on the thing before signing, just accepted what the petitioners told me. Anyway, needless to say it's the last time I sign a petition without being confident I know what I am signing.

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