Ron Branson on the South Dakota JAIL Act

Just a couple of quotes to start your day.
"Permit the People direct control over immunity of a nation's judiciary, and I care not who makes the money."
Ronald Branson

Thanks for your support in extracting America from the grip of the bankers and the NWO.
Ronald Branson


Thank you guys for once again pointing out the radioactive craziness of Ron Branson. You people are finally realizing why I resigned from J.A.I.L. so if you want to keep attacking Ron Branson feel free. Maybe it'll give me some time off. :)
PP said…
Taking a risk and assuming that this is Bill Stegmeier, I'd point out that Ron Branson aside, you have a bit of radioactive crazyness of your own to answer for.

Not the least of which is the SD Judicial Accountability act.

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