Focus South Dakota get's it's website up.

Posting has been unusually light for me this weekend, but I'm enjoying my pants off with the family. I've fired up my huge grill twice, got plants in, and it was done with only one trip to the emergency room (after hours ear infection). I even did a few extras around the house. So blogging is low on my list of priorities.

But I'll get back to it soon enough.

In the meantime to whet your appetite, check out the website for Focus South Dakota at

This is the web address for the group of Democrat activists who in the past have downplayed their political affiliation at the same time they are out there promoting left-leaning causes and candidates in SD (Hat tip to SDP on where they get their money).

In previous years, they've performed polling that *amazingly* turned out in a manner favorable to their cause and publicized the results. This year their big thing is working for a NO vote of the referral of HB 1215.

So check out the website as you make up your own mind on the issue.


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