5 Days until the Primary

Less than a week until the legislative primary. And if it isn't done by now, it's probably not going to get done.

Probably the nicest feature is that the intra-party battles that have waged far too long and far too intensely are going to subside, with the spoils going to the victors. Many within the party on different sides of arguments are going to be filling the ranks of footsoldiers for the GOP, and for the Dems as well.

It's also time to start getting ready for our summer political conventions. I just got my paperwork last week for the GOP convention this June in Watertown. I've got to remember to check on Hospitaility rooms and vendor prices, as I keep thinking I might set up in one or the other. (I have visions of my Republican Lite t-shirt, and other snarky themes selling like hot-cakes.)

And it all begins in 5 days.


Anonymous said…
Newland has posted the best analysis yet of the Schwiesow/Adelstein mudfight.
At Mt Blogmore (RC Journal blog)

RCJ letters violate 11th commandment
Comment # 10
Anonymous said…
And woh!!! Take a look at the ad screenplay Newland proposed at Blogmore...

Topic Thread: "Laying bets on HB1215 vote"
Comment #42

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