More than just the dead and dying back in my little town

Pierre has gotten a couple of write ups recently in the blogs that I just ran across tonight -

The first, over at Rush Hour Rambling, led me to the second at From Rush Hour Rambling:

There was quite a dichotomy between the way Pierre, South Dakota was described to me, and what I actually found when Frogwing and I rolled into town. The gulf between myth and reality was as wide as the Missouri River at Lake Oahe. You can blame that on modern times, and the ubiquity of giant, multi-national corporations, I suppose. Super Walmart is here, along with the usual assortment of fast-food emporiums. The invasion continues…

While I was expecting a dusty cowtown straight out of the Wild West, what I experienced instead was a sort of Anytown, USA, with a hint of USDA-approved Western-Style flavoring. Even personal emails from friends of mine who hail from South Dakota warned me of being shot at for trespassing, and made the place seem like it was just one step evolved from Dodge City, during that town’s bloody heyday.

Just a hint. I don't think there's a South Dakotan who doesn't do that to semi-ignorant out of staters. It's one of our own silly forms of amusement. No, we don't all ride horses and carry guns..

Of course, if you do ride a horse and start shooting, the citizen's guide is kind enough to let you know that you can call Tom Maher, or SDWC reader and Argus contributor Brett Koenecke to get you out of the pokey.
If You Get Busted: If you do something really stupid and get caught, call either Old Tom Maher (Tom Senior) or Brett Koenecke of May Adam Gerdes & Thompson. Old Tom has the tenacity of a bulldog with his favorite rawhide chew toy, and he likes to buck the system. Tom makes it to the bell more often than not.
Now quit lookin' cross eyed at mah horse, iffn' you know what's good fer ya. (Or I'll send Brett after ya.)


Anonymous said…
Tom Maher's kids are the states atty's in Hughes and Stanley Co. so he can't help you...doesn't mean he won't, but he shouldn't.
Anonymous said…

Thanks for the shout out. I'm grateful that the Argus has lately seen fit to let me grace the A section as well as C. Don't you think I'm right on the school funding lawsuit?


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