Oops, Stan's doing it again.

One of Stan Adelstein's PAC's that he's personally dumped over $50,000 into is showing that he's getting personally involved in South Dakota Legislative primaries (again).

The Kooistra/Haugen Race and the Wetz/Klaudt race are both showing that he's sticking his fingers into other districts again, and I suspect this is the tip of the iceburg. I'll be combing through the reports this weekend to see what else I can see.

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said…
Good thing no other legislators have been involved in Stan's race.
Anonymous said…
Yep, this is an old story. Country Club Stan meddles in races at all levels all across the state. Then the antique media generates stories of outrage that legislators would get involved with his.

The Country Club Republicans have always resented the Reagan Revolution and the rise of conservative influence in the party.

The Blue Bloods have no commitment or loyalty to liberty, freedom, civil rights or even free enterprise and markets. They have theirs. Their only interest is their own. Wealth and power must be maintained at any cost.

A bunch of campaign contributions by a one-man -pac that flouts the spirit of the campaign finance laws? Ignored by the antique media.

Yes, the Country Clubers, with their MSM buddies, are nothing but domestic political terrorists. PP proves it in this post: the "cashastan" is circulated to the cells through the "Pacastan."

Want to know who NOT to vote for? Look at the list of recipients!
Anonymous said…
Interestingly, 25% of Stan's money went to Tom Hennies. What is more interesting is the fact that it came in four, increasing, increments. Does this mean that Hennies is so weak in his Council race that he couldn't raise funds and hat to hop in bed with his Sugar Daddy? Reminds me of Saddam Hussein and Satan in South Park, I think Hennies might be Satan. Tom Hennies...bought...paid for...returning on investment.
Anonymous said…
Tom Hennies' floundering campaign has no chance...
Anonymous said…
are you the same ed delahanty that wrote that letter to the weekly news?

are you a former cop? you seem to know a lot about tom hennies' corrupt past.
Anonymous said…
Stan's a power hungry guy. sad. But Tom Hennies is worse. His attacks on Sam Kookier for "not getting along with everyone at city hall" are quite typical of Tom's elitism.

And Stan owns Tom Hennies. Bought and paid for.
Anonymous said…
In Distric 6 we have Noem, Nelson and Holbeck all kissing Stan Adelstein's ass for the money they took from him. Voters need to be informed about the lies these dirty 3 have told us about being "pro-life"! Pro-Life means no abortions. Greenfield and Stormo will be the only ones that I will cast my vote for. Both of them are pro-life meaning no abortions. Holbeck, Noem and Nelson must be the 3 Blind Mice not to understand they were bought out and raped by Stan Adlestein. Shame, shame, shame on them.

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