3 days left until the primary. And the pot is being stirred.

Three days left until the primary. And things are getting more intense.

I heard today that my post on who got money from Senator Stan kicked up a little dust at the District 6 debate this morning in Iriquois. Apparently certain candidates trying to publicly portray themselves as pro-life don't like people pointing out that they took a big fat check from a pro-choice PAC. (well, then send the $2000 back).

I haven't seen it yet, but I heard that Pete Fuller actually put out an ad for judge where he's being supported by businesspeople, as opposed to his ads where he's being supported by a laundry list of lawyers. (I love that Linda Lea Viken is on the lawyer list - that's REALLY going to endear him to the GOP faithful).

Speaking of Senator Stan, he's complaining in an AP article (here at the Watertown Public opinion) that his fellow Senators are playing dogpile on him:

Adelstein said he is amazed that other Republican lawmakers have ignored the unwritten rule against criticizing fellow legislators in such campaigns. He said he has been "attacked by senators of my own party who are so really deeply involved in the abortion issue they see nothing else."

Schwiesow said she appreciates the support of GOP lawmakers because they are in the best position to judge her opponent's voting record and effectiveness.

Republican Sen. Lee Schoenbeck of Watertown has traveled from his home in the northeastern part of the state to campaign for Schwiesow in western South Dakota. Schoenbeck and Adelstein have disagreed over the years on a number of issues, and a political committee set up by Adelstein contributed two years ago to Schoenbeck's primary opponent.

Stan's upset about unwritten rules against criticizing fellow legislators in campaigns. Then what in the hell is dropping $4-5000 in a primary against a fellow Republican legislator? A freaking happy thought? So much for practicing what he preaches.

I keep hearing that the cinderella story of the election is going to be the Duniphan/Schmidt Race. Lots of politicos out in the field are telling me that Schmidt is running suprisingly strong against Duniphan. The word is that he's challenging her on the voting record - something that no one has really done to date. But that magic shield of incumbency is going to be tough to beat.

AND - it looks like SDPB has the announcement out. Chuck Beck is going to be hosting the "battle of the blogs" on election night where they're going to be having commentary on the election from Chad over at CCK and yours truly.

I'm pretty pumped. I had the offer to do it a week or so ago, and was very intrigued.

During my senior year at High School, I was a one of the weekend DJ's at KGFX radio, so this is up my alley. I've been in intense training ever since I agreed to do it. (Don't say the F word on air. Don't say the S word on air. Sound reasonably intelligent.)

It should be fun, and I hope it's informative. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said…
things were pretty dull around here (Watertown) till it came out who was getting the cashastan from pacastan. People are making decisions about who their going to vote for based on this.

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