Billion and Wiese file campaign finances with the Secretary of State's Office

A story filed this morning by the Associated Press is reporting Billion might not have a billion, but his campaign account is much more flush than that of Wiese:

Billion had received nearly $65,000 in donations and had loaned $125,000 to his own campaign, according to campaign finance reports filed with the secretary of state's office. Billion had spent more than $167,000, mostly on advertising, by the end of the reporting period May 27.

Wiese reported that his campaign had raised about $49,000, and he had not loaned his campaign any money. He had spent nearly $43,000.


Billion reported that he had received $57,358 in donations from supporters, $7,500 from political action committees, and another $100 from the Brown County Democratic Party. With the $125,000 loan, that brought total receipts to $189,958. Billion's campaign spent $167,409, leaving him with $22,549 on hand.

Wiese spent $42,629, leaving his campaign with $1,646 on hand.

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Anonymous said…
Billion allegedly told a news reporter that he took out a mortgage on his home to finance his consultants, staff and his low-rent TV commercials that require drinking coffee to stay awake while Billion drones on and on. That's a bit desperate choice to make for a campaign that hardly has made a dent on the political scene.

It seems as though Wiese has received more bang for his bucks so far. Yet neither candidate has made more than a blip on the public's radar screen.

The score so far with just a few days until election:

Wiese - 1 point for free press hits and a half point for his small investment on TV.

Billion - ZZZZzzzzzzzz.
Jackson said…
Politics can sure be a mean, petty, and trivial exercise, can't it?
Anonymous said…
Latest beauty contest polls put Billion 12 points behind Rounds. Could be a race after all.
Anonymous said…
Billion should have thrown his money away - because he hasn't made a dent in this race as far as I'm concerned.

The talk today has been "If Billion has spent $116k on advertising, then where is it?"

He has missed his opportunity by unfortunatly investing in the wrong markets. It's just too bad that he had to take out a mortgage...just to be 'not seen'.
Anonymous said…
Well, you may not have seen the Billion ads because perhaps they aren't targeted for you.

I don't think you'll see a Billion ad during Fox News, for instance.

But, I have seen them on KELO, during two of my favorite prime time programs, during early morning sports center... they're out there. But, they might be on the stations and on the programs that you don't watch.

For instance, I don't think I'd see one during the 700 club.

Hahaha. The absolute lunacy of some people. Your perceptions stay in your little world, don't they? That's the problem with most conservatives - no vision.
Anonymous said…
It was on after the 700 club piece showing Pat Robertson leg lifting 2000lbs. Then they showed the piece on Bushes Brain, Thunes Courage and Apa's Heart.
Anonymous said…
I've seen them and they are not flattering. He looks really old, scribbles is a little note book, nods and smiles.

Wiese's message is about "getting things done". Billion's is " talking about issues".

A retired guy going restaurant to restaurant having coffee and chatting is not a great overriding theme for a campaign.

Not exactly energetic leadership.
Anonymous said…
Anon 6:04 AM from Anon 1:13 AM:

I'm a registered Dem. I don't watch those right wing shows you speak of. I make time for the local stations and that's about it.

But still, he should been on every commercial break for the 116k spent...and in every newspaper...and radio station.
Anonymous said…
anon 10:53...and Rounds campaign theme of "look at my smile/smirk" is better. I'd rather get some coffee out of the deal. This state has demonstrated we will elect people with no message, no vision and no spine.
Anonymous said…
So the Billion campaign theme should be "no message, no vision, no spine, but a bottomless cup of coffee. If called to action, and led, South Dakota will rise to greatness. Available in de-caff too.
Anonymous said…
Sure, anon 6:38, and together "we can make South Dakota even better."

Don't complain about Billion having a snooze of a message, Rounds' message is that smile/smirk and that he's a nice guy. So what if Billion's is that he's old and drinks coffee.

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