Freshman Rush starts next week

According to the Argus tonight, new legislators are going to get their crash course in freshman orientation 101 before the Governor's Budget address:
New legislators elected on Nov. 7 learn where they’ll be sitting in the House and Senate and how to get bills drafted in an orientation on Monday.

Legislative Research Council Director Jim Fry said 22 of the 105 lawmakers who’ll serve in the 2007 session are truly new, having never had any previous legislative experience.


“The orientation process takes longer than one day, but we cram it into just one,’’ Fry said today.
Read it all here.

Rule #1? Don't Touch the pages. Rule #2... See rule #1


Anonymous said…
"The orientation process takes longer than one day..."

Most legislators are proof of that.
Anonymous said…
Off topic, but PP could you put down those exciting finance reports for a moment and post on the new Homestake swimming hole?
Anonymous said…
I wonder how well Nancy Turbak is going to take orientation? Probably better than Isaac L. I suppose.
Anonymous said…
Nancy must really have some of you scared. You never miss an opportunity to take a shot.
Anonymous said…
Nancy will have more than a few surprises when she get to Pierre. "It's about people, not politics." Will she forget?

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