Nothing to do with politics, but I just wanted to prove to everyone that I do manage to attend my kids' events once in a while...

Yes, as opposed to singing like an angel in the concert for the St. Thomas More Church pre-school, my son's major accomplishment was standing (relatively) still for the ten minutes or so of the concert.

And like any proud dad, I was snapping away like I had a camera and spotted Britney out on a bender.

(Oh my god, I sent my e-mail to who......!?!)


Anonymous said…
Wow! What a mug on that kid. I hope you and his Mother love him, cuz' no one else will.
PP said…
ahem... He is making a face, you know.

And he's actually a cute little bugger.
Anonymous said…
Great pic PP. Except your son most likely will not like it (maybe). Thank goodness he is still little because if he was older I could just hear jezz Dad thanks a lot! At least that is what my kids would say.
By the way he is one cute kid!
Anonymous said…
This kid is going to grow up to be trouble!

Did you notice he is already leaning to the left!

Hope the heck he takes after his mom! lol

Nice to see you were there for your son. Starting to see less and less of that and it's a shame!

Good job dad!
Anonymous said…
He's just like you PP - he's conforming by wearing a shirt and tie, but also evilly non-conforming as he has fun doing it.
Anonymous said…
You can dress him like a young republican, but kids have a mind of their own.

I bet he likes watching professional wrastling with papa PP.
Anonymous said…

Rock on brother. As a Dem, I have to give you credit for running a fairly objective site, very classy handling of the TJ situation and as a father, I can always relate to this.

Look forward to '07.
Anonymous said…
Your son's name is Britney?

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