Amendment E's spokesperson better order a thicker skin with his next assault rifle.

Tim over at A Progressive on the Prairie takes note tonight of a recent request of the Amendment E spokesman Jake Hanes.

Apparently, for someone who is representing a group calling judges and public officials corrupt, he can't take it when the spotlight is turned on him. On the MySpace group " Survivalists against the NWO" he's posted an open request for his cronies to "Blog the sh*t out of this guy," in response to Tim's posting of photos on Jake's website Jake toting an automatic weapon and talking about "getting ready" for a domestic war.

Just remember, the new face of Amendment E. Just as questionable as the old one.


brian aust said…

I originally caught it on education TV in Rapid City (and there's a link to it on Tim's web site), but this Jake Haynes cat went before the Rapid City Board of Education to testify against a resolution against Amendment E.

The thing that struck me is that Jake Haynes has been involved with the JAIL movement in other states and he's actively involved in the South Dakota Campaign.

However, before the school board, he didn't identify himself as being involved with the amendment. He said he was a "concerned citizen" from Sioux Falls. He didn't lie, but he wasn't being truthful.

Going back to the Legislature, the people for Amendment E have not made any attempt to be immediately open and honest - they delay answering questions, and they hide their true affiliations.

And they are ASKING for accountability.

PP said…
Brian - any info on those other states? Inquiring minds want to know!
Anonymous said…
For the record, I was present when the picture was taken, and there was a WAR that evening where several of us suffered burns on our hands from the bottle rockets and fire crackers. Funny how you guys like to spin things to harm a good man. We're all behind you Jake!
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