Governor on KGFX Radio

Governor Rounds will be doing his monthly KGFX Radio interview tomorrow, according to this note from the KGFX Daily News:
Governor Mike Rounds will be in our studios TOMORROW for this month’s “A Conversation with Governor Rounds”. This is an open forum show in which you can pose your questions or comments to the Governor live by phone, or by sending them in ahead of time to It’s “A Conversation with Governor Rounds” Tuesday, starting at 2:05 p.m., here on 1060-KGFX.
A mildly humorous anecdote, The Governor had a similar question request on his website during the 2002 primary where it said "Ask Mike Rounds a Question." So one day, I did. Smarty pants me asked him "how high is up?"

The response back? "about 48%" Which was a pretty good response in that 3 way primary.

(Nowadays, I suspect the response would be considerably higher.)


Anonymous said…
How about someone ask him if its true that he, along with Randy F. and Lee S. were told by Gary H. about Sahr's "rumor" months before Bob S was aware and they all worked in concert to push him out and put Koskan in. Or should I say they laid in the weeds waiting until convention. I guess no one told Timmy Rounds about this plan hatched during session otherwise maybe he wouldn't have announced his interest in the position. G
Anonymous said…
Poor little Bobby. He's the victim. :( We all feel bad. Sob, sob.

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