J.A.I.L. and their Donors in the news (Adult Content warning)

I'm starting to pick apart the Amendment E financial filing...well, at least their attempt at financial filing which has yet to be submitted in a matter acceptable to the Secretary of State's Office.

Those darned laws that everyone else has to follow... And the requirement that the totals actually add up. Darn those laws!

All that aside, the big question is "where is Amendment E getting their loot?" For starters, much of it is coming from out of state. And one of the people in for the biggest amount is Loren Parks of Oregon. Loren donated a substantial $5000 towards the JAIL effort.

I'll warn you that from here on out, it gets a little racy. Not to mention very, very weird. And this is just what I'm clipping. The rest is worse.

Since little details such as statute requiring that his place of business be listed, I'll even help on this one. It's pretty easy to find information on Loren Parks of Aloha, Oregon. Just look it up on the internet, and you can find that:
For the past decade, Loren Parks, the Daddy Warbucks of Oregon conservative causes who has spent heavily to shape this year's Republican gubernatorial primary, has successfully guarded his personal privacy.

That armor of secrecy was pierced last week, however, when a former employee filed a federal sexual-harassment lawsuit alleging proclivities bizarre even in the context of Parks' well-documented eccentricity.

The suit is filed by Maria Guerin, who spent four years working as a translator at Parks Medical Electronics Inc., which was founded by Parks in 1963. The company, which employs about 50 people, sells electronic equipment that measures blood flow, most notably a penile plethysmograph, which senses male sexual arousal.


In response to the BOLI complaint, Parks' lawyers said Guerin's claims were fictional. They also produced a bizarre document--characterized as a "contract to have a sexual relationship"--that Guerin purportedly signed prior to the Baltic cruise. "We will be sleeping together on the trip for our mutual pleasure," the statement reads. "Neither of us is obligated to continue an intimate relationship following the trip. All this has been discussed with my supervisor, Claudine Gilmore."
Sorry for the graphic description (as was printed in the Willamette Week Online in 2002 under a story entitled Dirty Old [Money] Man). And I don't even want to know what a plethysmograph is, much less research what it looks like.

But, aside from what Bill Stegmeier laid out of his pocket himself, this is the top donor to the South Dakota Judicial Accountability Measure.

And it gets even better - here are Loren Parks own words about an intimate interlude he had after hypnotizing his sex partner into believing he was Mickey Mouse:

Many years ago my girlfriend was especially responsive one night and I found out what she had done was imagine she was a prostitute. Being a hypnotist and she was a good subject, I proceeded to use the deep trance (amnesia and hallucinatory phenomena) to change her into various other women friends or relatives of hers and then make advances. What I found was that she would respond in the way she perceived that woman would respond. As a married friend, she would push me away. Someone she knew to be easy, she would accommodate me.

I would many times change myself to Mickey Mouse (hallucinated by her) and make advances to her in her normal state and she would fight me off. This sounds terribly far-fetched unless you are familiar with deep trance phenomena. I'll finish with this. One of her relatives (hallucinated) was a better, more passionate, responsive lay than she was in her normal state. So I often had sex with the fantasied woman she was pretending to be. She had no memory of the event afterwards unless I had her recall it. Again, this is a deep-trance phenomenon and I bring it up to show the characteristics of the mind. Not just with her, but others too.

You can't make this stuff up. Yes, this really is the South Dakota Judicial Accountability Act's biggest donor. Bill Stegmeier must be proud. That's certainly a feather in Bill's cap that solid citizens like Loren Parks are leading South Dakotans down the path of Judicial Accountability. (yes, that was sarcasm).

Oddly enough, lately when I think of Bill S., I somehow imagine him as Mickey Mouse, and definitely get the feeling that he and his judicial accountability act are out to screw South Dakota.

So maybe it's appropriate that Loren IS the biggest donor to Bill's cause.


Bob Newland said…
So, whattya have to say about Elli Schiesow taking money from Doug Hamilton, whose weird sexual proclivities have been documented, PP?
Anonymous said…
That's not juicy, that's just pornographic and wrong! I got a really bad visual of an old grey haired monkey on a young hispanic babe. Guess I should have read the disclaimer
PP said…
Bob - last I knew, that case is yet to be conclusively proven, as it's back in court on appeal.

And no disney characters were involved.
Bob Newland said…
Oooh. Not "proven". That's convincing.

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