Wait for it.... Slow posting today, but wait for JAIL

I'm going to be traveling later this afternoon, so don't look for much in the way of new posting tonight. However, I think I'll have a bit of a juicy one on J.A.I.L. tonight (aside from their new spokesman Jake Hanes pulling down his comments on the Survivalists against the NWO discussion board to "blog the sh*t out" of Tim Gebhart and the fact he calls Tim a "bitch" on his website after Tim pointed out his pictures with the automatic weapon.

Great spokesman there, guys. You picked yourself a winner on that one.

Anyway, for J.A.I.L. Haters across South Dakota, this will be a very enlightening one, so stay tuned.


Anonymous said…
Just yesterday you called Stan A "a shameless publicity whore."

Now you take issue with this Jake fellow calling Tim a "bitch"?

Methinks you have a bit of a problem with being consistent.

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