Speaking of candidates who have withdrawn from the race....

Democrat Jessica Nathanson, an Augustana Professor and essayist who just came off of a Primary night win has oddly withdrawn from her House Race in Sioux Falls.

If you recall, she got a little attention in the blogosphere for comments attributed to her in the Augustana Newspaper abut Marriage being an oppressive institution; which she tried to later clarify as that marriage started out being about ownership.

Anyway, this District 12 candidate who managed a fairly impressive lead over the next contender in line is now out of the race.

No reports yet as to who is going to fill the slot.


Anonymous said…
No mystery; she was just a place holder.
Anonymous said…
A place holder...with a primary? Come on.
Anonymous said…
Casey Murschel or Ann Henkin will probably switch parties and run against Hal Wick and Manny Steele again.
PP said…
4:56, I'd agree entirely.
Anonymous said…
She was a placeholder. Remember, the pro-choice/pro-life battle goes on in the Democratic party too. The choice people ran two candidates hoping to knock off the pro-lifer, but it didn't work out.
Either way, she was bailing out of the race and another pro choicer will be appointed, probably the one who lost the primary.

By the way, the pro-lifer, Steensland, has told people that he was quitting the race, but he has not done so. If he stays in the race it will just be to sabotage Democratic chances by taking a ballot spot he doesn't intend to campaign for. Don't expect to see him at your door, nor any mailings, nor any signs. He will be invisible.

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