Kevin Woster files an early report in preparation for the Adelstein announcement.

Kevin Woster filed an early report in preparation for Senator Adelstein's possible switch to Democrat at a press conference tomorrow at 2pm* which would allow him to be considered for the Democrat's Senate candidate seat.

As stated in the Rapid City Journal:

Adelstein, who has been courted by Democrats since he lost the June 6 primary, plans to end speculation about his immediate political future during a 2 p.m. news conference at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. Adelstein seemed in interviews Wednesday and Thursday to be leaning away from a party switch, but he also mused aloud about how he would handle a general-election campaign against his GOP nemesis.


The overriding issue in the Adelstein-Schwiesow race was HB1215, a controversial near-total ban on abortions easily approved by the state Legislature this year. Adlestein voted against the bill, which Schwiesow strongly supports. Funded in part by Adelstein, opponents referred HB1215 to a public vote in November.

Adelstein made a philosophical split over that bill and related social issues with more conservative members of the Republican caucus in the state Legislature. That showed up in this year’s primary campaign, when Sens. Bill Napoli, R-Rapid City, and, Jerry Apa, R-Lead, spoke out against Adelstein. And Sen. Lee Schoenbeck, R-Watertown, actually came across the state to Rapid City to campaign for Schwiesow.


“Stan would disagree with this, but he became a one-issue candidate over that bill in 2004,” Schoenbeck said. “Stan was in the House then, and he came over to the Senate to testify against the bill. I don’t ever remember Stan being a pro-abortion person before that.”

Adelstein angrily rejects claims that he supports abortion or is focused on one issue, citing education funding, American Indian issues and business development as priorities. He maintains that he would have voted for the abortion ban if it had included exceptions for rape and incest victims and to preserve the health of the pregnant woman. HB 1215 and its predecessor in 2004 would allow abortions only when need to save the woman’s life.


Data from tracking polls during the campaign indicated he would win the race and matched up with the vote totals from the first couple of precincts, Adelstein said. Then the vote count diverged sharply from what the tracking polls led him to expect.

“I had polling data that showed me comfortably ahead. I never dreamed she would do what in my mind are quite frankly outrageous things in the way of voter recruitment,” he said.

Asked for specifics, Adelstein said: “We’re carefully researching that.”

Schwiesow denies any improprieties by her campaign and gives credit for her victory to her solid stand on issues, a team of dedicated volunteers and an effective effort to identify supporters and get them to the polls.
Read it all here. Why am I sensing a pattern here that Stan is pointing the finger at anyone but himself over the loss? The race was run in two distinctly different styles - Elli put a solid group of volunteers on the ground while Stan bought ads. A lot of them.

Stan did polls, but so did Elli. And some of the precincts that came in after the first two were precincts that she won in the previous bout.

Whether he runs again or not, this poor-sport, sour grapes attitude is not making him look like the type of person that voters want to elect. They want to elect a leader. Not a person who can't accept the will of the voter.

*The worst part on all of this? I have to take off for Sioux Falls tomorrow about that time. (dang it) If anyone is listening to the announcement, you'll have to call me and let me know what happens.


Anonymous said…
If I remember correctly, Bob Weber pulled something like this in 2000. He lost the Senate GOP primary to Diedrich. His son-in-law Spartz won the Dem primary. Bob switched to a Dem and Spartz dropped out. Bob was chosen by the party as the replacement, then lost to Larry again in the General.
Aaron Lorenzen said…
Anyone know where Adelstiens confrence will be or if it will be raido or something? I want to see the little ewok's face when he announces his run for the second but kicking of the year.
Anonymous said…
Funny that Lee calls Stan a one issue candidate. That is exactly what that schemer is. He will never be governor in 2010. If he is people will flee the 1984 state he will make it.
Anonymous said…
Weber ran as an independent in 2000. His son-in-law dropped out and there was no dem in the race.
PP said…
Aaron - It's at Tech according to the article
Anonymous said…
I believe it's spelled butt not but.
Anonymous said…
I was once told that,"Wherever there is a problem, there also is ego." I've pondered that in many situations over the years. I believe it true in Stan's case.
He is displaying the very worst sportsmanship I have ever witnessed! The problem I have with that disregards the vote of the people. He'll consider changing party to try and beat Elli on the vote of his new friends after the voters in his district already clearly indicated that they don't want him to represent them in the general election and therefore to be a voice for them in Pierre.
His explaination for all of this is that he wants to do what's right for the district and state. But doing what's best is to let the voice of the people be respected...which obviously he doesn't!
Anonymous said…
Don't be an idiot. The republican primary voters do not decide who gets to be a voice in Pierre. The get to decide who is the republican nominee. That is all.
Anonymous said…
Much to all of your disamy, Stan did not run. What will you talk about now? Who will you persecute next? Who is left on the conservative hit list?
Anonymous said…
Look lefty, Learn to spell or don't post.
Anonymous said…
Anon 4:57
democrats and democrats registered as republicans.

You know, libs.

ooops, I spelled that wrong,
it's dumbocrats.
Anonymous said…
Adelstein just announced that he is staying Republican. Yippee?

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