I'm Soooo Jealous of Tim at Progressive on the Prairie

I'm jealous of Tim Gebhart over at "A Progressive on the Prairie." Did he ever get a scoop on the new face of the South Dakota J.A.I.L. movement, Jake Hanes, who seems to be doing most of the media duty at a time when "Media Consultant" Bonnie Russell is no where to be seen, except sending snotty e-mails about me. (I'll mention that story another time). Check out part of his post and the man who is one of the new faces of JAIL:
Remember when South Dakota J.A.I.L. distanced itself from JAIL4Judges because of a perception that national group was a "bunch of wacko Californians"? It tried selling South Dakota J.A.I.L.er-in-Chief, Bill Stegmeier, as "a regular American, trying to do the right thing." It also brought in Jake Hanes as "campaign media coordinator" and he is South Dakota J.A.I.L's main contact person.

So now that J.A.I.L. claims to have rid itself of wackos, let's take a look at the new face of J.A.I.L. Here is a picture that Jake Hanes uses for his identity on his MySpace website. The caption? "Rise Up!!"


Go read the whole story on the new face of JAIL at Tim's website. It almost makes makes one miss Bonnie. Almost.


Todd Epp said…

Nice hat.

scimitar said…
Jake can't decide if he's a fisherman, Al Capone, a cowboy, or a pirate (one photo is with an eyepatch). Somebody help this guy with his image.

He's a walking posterboy for gun control.
mjb said…
Ahrrrrr Me mateys!

DO you think he's going to Pirates of the Carribean this weekend?
Anonymous said…
Thanks Todd

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