DC Report from the wife (MP)

My wife informs me that she had a phenomenal visit with Senator Thune this morning in her travels in the DC area - and my name even came up. (Not to tell any secrets, but apparently there are people out in that neck of the woods who breeze through my little mess on the interent from time to time.)

The wife is promising me pictures upon her return, and I can't wait. She tells me she couldn't have been happier with how things went and had big kudos for Senator Thune and his staff.

Over the last few days, they're been seeing the sights, such as Arlington Cemetery and th Smithsonian. My daughter mP snapped a picture of comedian Mo Rocca while they were dining the other night. Plus they were in attendance at the 1yr b-day party of the panda at the National Zoo. Apparently, with the mob scene going for the free little stuffed bears. Literally, it was "panda-monium." (yes, a groan is appropriate here).

But back to the political part - apparently they're meeting with Senator Johnson (or staff) at 3, and then they have to try to rush to see Herseth at 3:40, so it's a busy and hectic day still in store for them.

*5pm update*

My wife tells me that her visits with both Herseth and Johnson also went very well. Except for the part where my wife had to give the look of death to my daughter who was crackling a plastic cup in the corner while my wife was speaking education issues with the Congresswoman.

All in all, she gave the entire day an A+. She got to communicate her message with the Washington delegates personally, and that's always a plus as far as constituents are concerned.


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