Transitions, advertising, et al.

If you haven't noticed, I'm changing things around a bit. I've dropped the newsfeed on the right tonight, I've added some advertising space, etc. I'm also instituting a new e-mail address.
For correspondence, please use
The old still works, but I and others giving me unsolicited advice (yes, you, Happy Trails) thought that it sounded a bit creepy, and it would be better to go with something closer to the SDWC brand.

As promised, I'm running a special on ads for a short time - until the 15th. Ads will be at the previous pricing of $20 for the top, and $50 for the sides until then. (of course, I'll honor all existing business). After that, I'll be making my big push, and the prices will go to thier new rate, which are based on traffic levels.

Actually, it's quite reasonable - about $.01 per website hit monthly. I'll even break the rates down weekly. Unfortunately, it's costing me money, so I need to act accordingly. And I certainly want to be able to continue to keep up the quality and activity of this website.

I'm hoping to run some advertising and do some mailings to increase our profile. And I want to get back to doing some audio and video blogging, which I've been ignoring for quite some time. The production can be killer on that stuff, but *it is the wave of the future* so keeping pace is not only a nicety, it's a requirement.

So, stay tuned, and thank you for your continued support.


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