What do you stand for, when you stand for nothing? State party chair says Adelstein's effect is 'below negligible'

After he's barely able to remain Republican after he strung everyone out for the overly-dramatic announcement over whether or not he was running again, a report tonight at Rapidcityjournal.com has soon-to-be-former State Senator Stan Adelstein even acting coy over which gubernatorial candidate he's behind this election:
State Sen. Stan Adelstein has reaffirmed his Republican roots, but he stopped short of reaffirming his past support for Republican Gov. Mike Rounds. During a news conference Friday afternoon Adelstein announced that he would not switch parties and replace Tom Katus as the Senate candidate from District 32. Instead, Adelstein endorsed Katus and said he would help him with campaign contributions and door-to-door contacts in the district.

Adelstein said his “Republican commitment runs too strong and deep” to allow him to switch parties. But when asked if he would support Rounds in his reelection campaign against Democratic candidate Jack Billion, Adelstein avoided answering.

Adelstein said he admired both Rounds and Billion and had a special relationship with the governor. But he never actually said that he would support Rounds.

Asked Saturday to clarify his position, Adelstein again refused to answer the question.

“My words were very carefully chosen,” he said. “I didn’t say that I was and I didn’t say that I wasn’t.”

Adelstein again said he had great respect for both gubernatorial candidates, and again referred to his “deep and lasting relationship” with Rounds. But he would not go beyond that.

“I’m really specifically trying to avoid discussing the gubernatorial race,” he said.

Adelstein’s relationship with Rounds has gone well beyond friendship. Adelstein played an important role in Rounds’ successful run for governor in 2002, infusing his campaign with crucial funds late in the primary and providing additional assistance the general-election campaign.


Frederick said that whatever Adelstein decides, it will have a “below negligible” affect on the race between Rounds and Billion.
After reading it all here, I'm a bit speechless at this point. I'd almost rather not comment, because words seem to be ill-fitted to describe the lack of loyalty and principle that Stan exhibits. 200 years ago, we used to term people like that as Benedict Arnolds.

I'll just leave it at that. Because to expound any further is to vastly over-inflate Stan's quickly waning importance in the South Dakota political arena.

Maybe door #3 just isn't as attractive as he thought.


Anonymous said…
uh-oh...another post on little stanA.
Look out for the onslot of comments from the...Hate-Filled, Adelstanian-Backed, Liberofascists...
Anonymous said…
Yes, Benedict Adelstein. How fitting.
Anonymous said…

But thanks to the absolute ineptitude of Randy Frederick and the "culture of intolerence" created by Apa, Schoenbeck, Koskan, etc., we can be sure more and more people will no longer want to be registered Republicans or vote Republicans.

In a short few years, Randy has taken a huge Republican advantage and turned it around so that we are back on the road to the 1970s.

What an idiot. When are we (yes, I'm a Republican), going to dump this guy as our leader?
Anonymous said…
Sunday morning at the Frederick house:

Randy: "Oops, did I just call our biggest donor's effect 'below negligible'? Maybe that was a mistake... Oh, honey, pass the last jelly doughnut that one has my name written all over it. By the way, did I ever tell you how John Thune wouldn't be a U.S. Senator without my help?"

Mrs. Randy: "Yes, you have. It certainly wasn't because we had the best candidate in the world and a man who probably will be Vice President or President someday or because Dick Wadhams is brillant."
Anonymous said…
All points bulletin for notla. We need your take on this issue because if we are not part of the "culture of intolerance" we don't know how to think on our own. Is your leader Randy Fredericks aka "mr. negligible" around for anymore brilliant comments?

Hey you he/she "not LA" acronmym- we know we aren't in LA but we also don't want to live in the "culture of intolerance" and a few of have started the process of ridding ourselves our "our cancerous lesion" Randy. Will see how long he lasts after the election. We will see how those with some power want to keep someone like Randy around who is picking on their biggest donor.

I suppose Mr./Mrs. Not LA will now start the name calling.
How much more proof do you want of Randy's ineptitude? -bidding up desserts to ridiculous highs (even if this is his own money than I worry about his fiscal responsibility with the party money), comments that must be due to an overload of crispy cremes in his system, and not supporting current elected officials in their races because he is too lazy to do the right thing.

There is no way that every republican will support the same thing, and they shouldn't. That is the mark of a party in peril. Without original thought and a multitude of new ideas we will never move forwards.
Anonymous said…
pp- Why are you not surprised at the lack of loyalty that Fredericks should have towards Adelstein? Doesn't it work both ways- or doesn't big dollar amounts given to the party/governor by Stan mean anything?
sdmoderate said…
Stan just can't win with you guys, first when he considers switching he is a "dumpster diver" and now that he has decided to stay in the party he is disloyal because he won't support Rounds.

That sure is a "big tent" you guys are pitching. I guess being loyal only goes to those that tow the strict right-wing conservative line...
Anonymous said…
I absolutely agree with sdmoderate. I am sure that the "culture of intolerance" fanatics will try to cut him down. Why do you think you get to decide the future of the party? Lets see what November 7th brings with your HB 1215.
Todd Epp said…

I think two thins are clear. StanA is a man of principle. He is very clear about his views on abortion and has fought hard for those views. You may not agree, but it is a position and principled position. I don't see where being pro-choice benefits StanA in any way personally.

Second, StanA will continue to be a major player because of his contributions. He has a lot of money and he's not afraid to use it to support or oppose candidates of his choosing. Seems like RFred's comments are unfortunate, if you SDGOPs are hoping to smooth the waters with StanA. His checkbook has helped a lot of Republicans, including the current Governor.

Also, the Benedict Arnold comparison is way over the top. He did not sell out his country.

Just some thoughts this Sunday morning.

Todd Epp
PP said…
Todd, I don't know that I agree with you that Stan's not selling out his party. (It's not like he's doing us any favors lately)

So far, for this party he loves so much he can't leave, he calls most of his Republican colleagues in the legislature right-wing extremists, he comes out and supports the Democrat for his old seat, and now is openly refusing support to the Gov, who had just appeared in his commercial.

Tell me how this is helping Republicans in our electoral aspirations? Because I would say he isn't doing us any favors lately.

If the Republican party is so darned important to him, why would he do these things?

At this point, I don't think it's about principle. I think to Stan, it's about Stan, and to the devil with everyone else in the GOP.

And people wonder why Schoenbeck labeled him "a cancer on the caucus?"

Because it looks more and more like he's also a pox on the party.
Anonymous said…
Epp is right about abortion. Being pro-choice seems to be the most important thing in the world to Stan. That being so, why would he support Rounds, who signed the much-hated HB 1215? Billion, like Stan, is pro-abortion. Birds of a feather.
Anonymous said…
What's Adelstein's history? Where did he get all this money?
Anonymous said…
Bird of a feather. Frederick and Rounds? Rounds and Apa? Apa and Napoli? Napoli and Lee S? Lee and Brock? Brock and Isaac? Isaac and the other kid that barely made it out of 8th grade? Oh, and Elli...and the Rat...and Koskan...and Ted Klaudt.

What a line up. Keep bashing Stan and resting on the star pack lineup you've got.
Anonymous said…
That is a pretty impressive lineup, now that you mention it. They should be able to handle South Dakota's business without the likes of Adelstein.
Jerry Apa said…
The anonymous letter writers that are so proud of their comments that they hide behind a mask, have the spine of a jellyfish, and their below the belt equipment is smaller than bb's.

Jerry Apa
Sara said…
Yes, a very impressive lineup.

And with stan's obstructionism and self serving manuvering out of the way, they should be able to accomplish more for the tax paying citizens of South Dakota.

At the expense of the greedy tax consumers of course.
Tom Gerber said…
How many people will join me in
wishing that those writing comments
will be more courteous? Stan A. has
done a lot for S.D. Just because he
disagres with some people, doesn't mean he should be trashed. Calling names suggests that people have run out of rational arguments.

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