BREAKING NEWS: Mitch Kannenberg withdraws from District 25 Senate Race. (possibly clearing the deck for Kooistra?)

Just got the news this AM that District 25 Democratic Senate Candidate Mitch Kannenberg has withdrawn from the race, leaving a vacancy that could potentially be filled by Republican Primary loser Clarence Kooistra.

This comes after Kooistra cryptically dropped a hint this past Sunday that this could be in the works. From my blogpost, and the Rapid City Journal:
Has Kooistra changed his mind? It seems just in the past two or three days I know I read it again where he was looking at running against Bob Kolbe in a few years. I certainly blogged on it earlier.

Now, it appears his true stripes are coming out. Back to today's sweeping Rapid City Journal Article:
Kooistra expects to be more comfortable as a Democrat. He is now waiting to see if some possible reshuffling of the Democratic candidates in District 25 will give him a spot on the November ballot.
So, as he mentioned, the seat is now available. Despite Kooistra's prior comments on the fact that he planned to sit this one out after voters rejected him once:
Kooistra said he has no current political aspirations as a Democrat, but he may run for Robert Kolbe’s seat on the Minnehaha County Commission in 2008.
It looks to me that this person who had no immediate aspirations and was going to sit out for a while now has an open seat he's going to be considered for.

Kind of ironic that he was the one who said "If you're going to become a Democrat, you probably should have a Democrat philosophy," Kooistra said. "I'd sure hate to see it just to circumvent the election process."

So would the rest of us.

*5PM Update*

You'll notice the commenters are stating that Representative Mike Kroger is going to take Kannenberg's place. It would make sense, but it sure seems Kooistra's making noises like he wants back in.


Anonymous said…
Rep. Mike Kroger will be appointed.
Anonymous said…
Mike is going to be a great candidate. The republicans have to be upset that they just put this senate seat in danger. I guess that is the cost of purifying the party.
Anonymous said…
Mike will be crushed like the odd little bug that he is.
Anonymous said…
Kroger is smart and personable, and knows how to throw and take a punch. He's clearly the best choice in 25.

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