Final report of the noon hour. Sorry Sir, the Dog ate my post-primary filing.

I did a little checking today on those who still had post-primary financial reports out. The list is whittled down pretty far, with many of them turned in, but not accepted yet because of technical glitches in their addition, etc., that are anticipated to be corrected in short order.

And a few who lost primaries still have them out.

But for those who won, there are two who stand out like a sore thumb. They're incumbents who have gone down this path before, begging the question - why don't these guys have their's in? And the offenders are Democrat and Senate Minority Leader Garry Moore and Democratic House member Burt Elliot.

It's not like they don't know about the requirement. But supposedly, neither of them have provided even an incorrect filing. Not even an excuse that their dog ate it. No, the earth is not going to open up and swallow us all if they don't get them in. But why would they hand their opponents a campaign issue like that?

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said…
Why would they even care when the filing deadline is when no one is enforcing the law? If the Secretary of State and the Attorney General don't agree with the law, they should have the courage to go to the Legislature and ask that it be repealed. Otherwise, they should do their jobs.
feasant said…
Right on anonymous, why have a law just to have another law. Fine the late filer $1000/day, this will solve two problems, more money for the government to send to free loaders and I'll bet there won't be many late filers.
Anonymous said…
The democrats are having a hard time complying with the campaign finance laws they so dearly love to legislate. Even democrat judges have a hard time following the law. Could that be a new version of legislating from the bench? It would be similar--they are just disregarding the law again.

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