I love it when I call it spot on. Adelstein picks Door #3

Did I tell you, or what? From tonight at RapidCityJournal.com:
After weeks of indecision, state Rep. Stan Adelstein announced Friday that he would not leave the Republican Party and replace Tom Katus as the Democratic Senate candidate for District 32 in the general election this fall.

But Adelstein will give financial contributions and door-to-door campaign support to Katus in his general-election campaign against Elli Schwiesow, who beat Adestein in the Republican primary.


Katus said Adelstein made his decision despite polling by a Democratic firm that showed that Adelstein would have started a campaign against Schwiesow with a healthy lead in District 32.

“Let me assure you that this would have been a slam dunk for Sen. Adelstein,” Katus said. “He outpolled Elli and me by 20 points.”

add to that ..

Those results differ from those from a District 32 voter survey done within the last 10 days for the Republican Party, state party Chairman Randy Frederick of Hayti said Friday afternoon. Frederick wouldn’t discuss numbers, but he said results from that poll indicated that a Schwiesow-Adelstein race would be “very competitive,” and that “Elli is doing just fine” when matched against Katus.

and yet some more...

Schwiesow questioned the polling that showed Adelstein far ahead of her and Katus slightly ahead.

“Poll are polls are polls,” she said. “In the primary Stan’s polls showed him at 60-40 over me, so I guess wouldn’t put a lot of faith in that.”

Frederick said the indecision about who would be the Democratic candidate would hurt Katus with voters.

“Here’s Katus’s problem: He’s already said he wasn’t the strongest candidate. What candidate says he’ll throw in the towel for somebody else,” Frederick said. “I don’t know how he can stay in the race. I think the Democrats have to find somebody else.”
Read it all here. So, I was right. Stan chose door #3; to endorse the Democrat, but not switch himself. It gives him two ways to make a run in two years.

He gets to spit at the GOP, while recognizing that going Democrat is such a bad option in South Dakota even Stan, who trashes the GOP at every step, won't do it.


Anonymous said…
You have to give Stan some credit for not bailing to the Dems.

With fellow republican Senators like Napoli and Apa, who wouldn't consider switching.
Spunky said…
I think Stan did what he felt was the right thing.. and you are right about Napoli and Apa...never has the Republican party been in such a sad state ..those two only want to rant and rave and be against something..they have not had an original thought between them for years
feasant said…
Nice call pp!

Rant and Rave that defines Stan. I hope we can go onto the next issue.

Who cares what it is, please don't give Stan any press.

Spunky: The Dems have it together? They have nothing except to bitch about Republicans. The Dems are the third party in SD. They can't even field any candidates. Now let's talk about which party is in a sad state.

You keep whining about Napoli and Apa, why is that?
Anonymous said…
When was the last time you heard of someone losing a primary, then publicly announcing they would support the other party's candidate with both money and footwork? Several "S" words come to mind- spite, sore loser, stupid,sophomoric, Stan.
Anonymous said…
PP, Right on bro. You called it.

Now we can watch little stan throw away more of his money on katus, daschel or whoever.

after several instances of stan's fiscal management as a legislator(Such as having donuts flown to Pierre from Rapid cause his cell phone rang during session)I thought "If he's that irresponsible with his own money, how can we trust him with ours."

We can't, that's why he's gone. He fits right in with socialist dems. He's always been right at home with them. But he's not honest enough to stay.
Anonymous said…
anon 12:28

You are an egghead. If the legislators want to buy donuts if their cell phone goes off, and flies them in from RC they can. Just because you are such a small minded butt-kissing conservative is your own problem. That sounds like an urban legend that you bozos tuck in your cap to bring out at your whim.

And where did you idiots find your leader Frederick? From the circus? If that guy could string 2 words together it would be a miracle. If one talks like an idiot, walks like an idiot- they must be an idiot.

And talk about fiscal responsibility- what about social responsibility? Brock wanted to cut $500,00 funding for NPR/TV Has he ever listened to it? Personally, I like to see and hear you conservatives rant and rave on the legislative wrap-up so I know what is going on. Maybe it was a ploy to keep all the thinking people in the dark. Turn the lights on!
Anonymous said…
Randy Frederick actually thinks he helped Senator Thune win. Thune won in spite of Frederick's moronic comments.

Lots of Republicans want Frederick gone, gone, gone. We need someone who can control the nuts (Schoenbeck, Apa, Napoli) and keep people in the party.
Anonymous said…
8:30 AM nailed it.

Randy Frederick needs to go. A number of large and small counties are prepared to ditch him after the elections. The party is very disorganized--good people--but they have no leadership.

PP, you are absolutely correct that the people who show up are entitled to set the agenda.

However, how could it possible be a "good thing" that the "culture of intolerance"--fostered by Frederick, Apa, Brock and Schoenbeck--encourages good people to feel alienated to point of leaving the party. Nice logic: it's good to have fewer registered voters.

I'm a Republican and don't want to see it, but you can't keep operating under the assumption that the Democrats, Libertarians and Independents will forever be disorganized. Unlike Frederick, Apa, Brock and Schoenbeck, South Dakota voters are smart and use their brains--if a good, non-Republican candidate comes along, he or she (yes, other parties allow women to run for office and use birth control) will win.

Frederick must go!!!
Anonymous said…
Frederick could have had some backbone and told Elli (vice party chairwoman) to step down or not run. Instead the penguin did nothing. This seems to be his normal course of action. Just let things get out of control. This isn't the big top Randy!

Your party is falling apart at the seems. Welcome to the ice age.
Anonymous said…
I don't know why all you people seem to want to pick on poor old Randy. He is a man of the people. He is a perfect specimen of what a republican should look, talk and act like. Isn't he?
Anonymous said…
8:56, that's just mean. I'm a republican and prefer not to be insulted on Saturday morning except by my children or my wife. Randy's a joke, you have to search for people who don't think so.
Notla said…
It is funny to read all the comments regarding the Republican and Randy Frederick. Some say the party is too controling and forcing people out. Then someone complains that Frederick should have told Elli to step down or drop out. Could it be the leadership is not all that controlling?

As for those that think Frederick is so terrible and must go... under his leadership the SDGOP was able to raise more money, by a long shot, then ever before. That enabled the GOP to fund their victory offices in 2004 which greatly added to Thune's 600 vote victory, help maintain the Republican 2/3 majority in the legislature and caputre another PUC seat from the Dems.

I think those saying Frederick must go are Dems and they really think for them to survive, Frederick must go.
PP said…
Guys, you're veering way off topic.

I'd like to hear what the Democrats feel about Stan saying no to them more than anything.
Anonymous said…

Here is the true story about Republican finances.

Senator Thune used primarily national money to win--do you think there is 8-figures in SD money out there for any race?

Then, because Thune won, the money came in, and in, after the November 2004 election. That, plus the guaranteed Governor's Club money--not a Frederick invention--created the current financial advantage. Randy had about as much to do with it as I did with Bill Gates becoming a billionaire.

Frederick said dumb things throughout the Thune/Daschle race. Every Republican in the know wanted him throttled. Thune won in spite of Randy.

The 2/3 legislative advance was created by Gov. Janklow focusing on legislative races in the 1990s. When the redistricting took place after the 2000 races/census, Jim Soyer (a Janklow guy) and the then wise Republican legislators (thanks term-limits for placing Apa and Bogue in leadership) redistricted to make it almost idiot-proof to lose 2/3's (this year and 2008 will be the test of "idiot-proof" with Frederick).

So what has Randy done with the money he has control over? After being part of the group ranting and raving about how the last Republican chairman and staff spent too much money, he has increased staff unnecessarily, had to hire last-minute consultants at a premium (and I like Hugh Weber and Doug Loen) to bail the party out on legislative races that could have been successfully planned and won with half a staff person (like Hugh did early in the 2000s), and the good staff people in the state party office are all looking for new jobs.

By the way, the county organizations can't stand him either.

So, Frederick had nothing to do with the money raised, has consistently made stupid quotes in the media, has alienated the county parties and can't run the office and the party organization except by using money that should be going to legislative candidates in tight races.

Add to this mismanagement the growing group of Rs either leaving the party or just giving up because Randy couldn't control a kindergarten field trip, and you a recipe for disaster.

Great leadership!!!

If I know this as someone who is only a casual observer, so do all the smart Republicans in the state.
Anonymous said…
3:24 pm

Randy is a fiscal conversative. Here is an example.

I was at the Hughes County Lincoln Day Dinner where they had a dessert auction. Randy bid $2,500 on a cake where the next highest bid was $250. And then he paid for it from the state party checkbook (and Hughes County thanks the other counties for making their quotas and unnecessarily giving us $2,500).

Oops, did I say "fiscal conversative"--I meant "absolutely moron who spends like a drunken sailor."
Anonymous said…
Face it. By having Randy in the Rounds looks smart. Smart I say!
Notla said…
Sorry Anon 3:24, but you are wrong.
Frederick engineered the raising of a few million dollars BEFORE the 2004 general elections, not after as you say. Check the reports filed with the Sec of State's office. They show the money came into the Rep Rarty before the fall elections.

Anon 3:48, you told only part of the story. That bid was a motivation to get the bidding going to show that the Hughes Co Republicans could raise more money in one night at a bake sale than Ron Volesky was able to raise in several months.

Also Frederick paid with his own personal check, not a state party check as you stated. What's the big problem anyway if it had been a SDGOP check, anyone involved with the state Republicans knows that Hughes Co helps many state-wide candidates. It's not like the money would have left the party.
Anonymous said…
We may be veering off topic pp but we need a forum to get rid of the feed sack that we call the republican chairman.

He is a risk to our future of the party. We need someone who is a leader who can bring the people together. Not someone so lazy that he never does anything but hang around claiming to be the maestro of the party.

With intellect like this we are bound to join the dinos. Rounds, please pick a new man.
Anonymous said…
Stan did the right thing and he is a man who deserves some respect from you people.

I certainly would not have minded him running against Elli, but I admire his position.

It is important that all of us work together rinos, dinos and wooly mammoths. Why do you think Congress is at an all time low for their approval rating? No one can get anything done without working together. Why are you mammoths so hell bent on ridding yourself of the rinos? We do vote and we give money to the party. Do we not matter? Maybe it is time for a true 3 party system.
Anonymous said…

Sure, Randy Frederick is a brillant strategist--kind of like Inspector Closeau...Everyone who believes that raise their right hand.

Also, if Randy is just bidding up himself at an auction, what point is that making? Oh yeh, he is a brillant strategist who operates on a higher level of intellect--kind of like Mr. Miyagi in Karate Kid.

Or, it could be that "notla" is Randy rambling from his mid-morning, doughnut-induced nap.

Randy is the guy who thought he was being subtle getting Jim H. to run against Brock. Not only did he pick a bad candidate (and Brock does rule and truly is a brillant strategist), but he left his fingerprints all over the race.
todd douglas said…
Considering the subject of this string was Adelstein deciding not to turn democrat, and the subject of most of the string is complaining about Randy Frederick, state republican party chairman, I have to conclude many of these anonymous authors are angry lefties or Daschle democrats who have been beaten again and they obviously blame Frederick!

If angry lefties and Daschle democrats did NOT complain about Frederick (the 2004 election still smarts doesn't it?) then the republicans would have something to complain about.
Anonymous said…
Most democrats would not know Randy F. Aren't they lucky? He is "our" man and this is why we know him. Just because we don't respect him doesn't make us democrats. Instead we are informed republicans of the moderate persuasion.
Are you the Todd Douglas that likes to pick on Kitty W? If not, you must be the Todd Douglas that likes to pick on moderate republicans and democrats.

I would like to hear from some other moderate republicans on the state of the party. We are not a small minority and we should have some rights.
Notla said…
Hey, 6:23 I pointed out where you guys were wrong, so now you ramble on with nothing to back it up. That's intelligent.

Like I stated, those wanting to get rid of Frederick are probably all Dems with maybe a couple of disgruntled Reps tossed in.

Republicans want Randy out? That's a laugh. I've been with the party for years and the only noise I hear are from perpetual complainers who complain about everything.

First people thought I might be Kristi Noem, then her husband, and now 6:23 you suggest I'm Randy. Shows just how wrong you are about things or, maybe you just don't care if what you say is right or wrong. Just ramble on guys, it's evident your intelligence is lacking.
Anonymous said…
Is that you Angi? aka notla

I am glad that you consider our posts to be rambling and yours are so poeticly written.

Which rock have you been hiding under thinking that republicans love Randy F? You have evidently been smoking too much maryjane.
Anonymous said…
kool-aid. It's called drinking the kool-aid. Notla, have some more.

Randy's a numbnut and I'm a republican who gives as much cash to Rounds as anybody excepting of course Stan. Though next year I suspect I will give more than Mr. Adelstein.

Randy's only original thought is which of the grandslam breakfasts at Denny's is a winner on any given day.

He is only there because when Rounds got elected he had a limited circle of political friends. The circle isn't getting any bigger if anyone is paying attention. PP, you awake on that. This legislative session he's (rounds) going to get creamed.
Notla said…
I love the guessing games, not Angi. You only have 700,000 to go.

See what I mean about about rambling. I try to support my arguements with facts, like go to the SoS website to find out that Anon 3:24 was wrong when he wrote "Here is the true story about Republican finances".

Glad you think my writings are 'poeticly written', your words, not mine. Like I said, I try to support my arguements with facts and examples.

I notice none of these in you current ramblings which included such persuasive arguements like "what rock did you crawl out from under" and "smoking too much maryjane". Good arguements anon!
PP said…
Hey todd - how's it going! Is everybody reading this thing?
Anonymous said…
I've got it: Notla is Jack Billion because he has the most to gain by keeping Randy "the brillant strategist" at the helm.

699,999 more guesses to go, but I think I pegged this one!
Anonymous said…
notla- you are so intelligent! I only hope when I grow up I can be like you. Your arguments are so persuasive. I may only be 13, but even I know how to use a dictionary. It is argument not arguement like you spelled it wrong twice!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am glad that my parents let me on the computer. I haven't had so much fun since I was 12.
-moving up to 7th grade- yeah!!!

where r u notla?
Notla said…
Never said I was good at spelling, quite bad actually. Thanks for the lesson. But I am pleased that all you could criticize is my spelling.

And good for you to be on the blog. Just remember to look up the facts no matter which side makes them. There is a lot of misinformation put out here.

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