Black Hills Pioneer - Adelstein decision to come Friday

Tom Lawrence at The Black Hills Pioneer is reporting tonight that the decision on whether we get a re-run of Adelstein (after the voters made that choice once this year ) is coming Friday in a Joint Press Conference with Democrat Tom Katus:

Stan Adelstein and Tom Katus call themselves moderates. On Friday, they will call each other partners. Adelstein, a Republican state senator, and Katus, the Democratic candidate for state Senate District 32, will hold a joint press conference at 2 p.m. Friday. One man will endorse the other as the Democratic candidate to run against Republican Elli Schwiesow.

Both men confirmed the joint appearance during interviews Tuesday night but declined to say who would be the candidate. "This is still in process," Katus said. "That's as far as I'll go."

Adelstein was defeated by Schwiesow in the June 6 Republican primary. He declined to endorse her and soon was being courted by South Dakota Democrats to switch parties. On Tuesday, Katus spoke of the "moderate majority" that existed in the state and will be called on during the fall campaign.


But in addition to his family and friends, Adelstein said he would trust the voices of the people who twice elected him to the state House and once to the state Senate.

Yes, Stan. Trust their voices..... in June, they said NO. Regardless, read all of it here.

Somehow, I'm not hopeful since it's a joint appearance, and Stan tends to be known for being a shameless publicity whore. If it does happen, I'd also love to see who, if anyone, on the GOP side would defect to help him. Not that Stan ever depended on people for his elections.

However, for this very reason, I don't think he would fare as well as he did this June. He's going to lose many Republicans who had supported him, just for the fact that the party made it's choice once, and this more than smacks of arrogance.

And - at least according to Jay Davis, not all the Democrats would be kicked in the rear about the choice themselves. Expect them to stay home while an enraged GOP pounds on him for his treason.

Regardless, let's see what Friday brings. If we're lucky, we might be able to go back to talking about up and comers.


Anonymous said…
Adelstein will get 80% of the democrats and 30-40% of the Republicans. Sounds like another winning campaign for him. Go Stan!
Anonymous said…
This is going to be very revealing for the dems in this state.
It will be a measure of their general IQ.
If he gets 20% of their votes then 20% of them are fools. If he gets 80% of their votes then 80% of them are fools.
We will have an exact measure of their intelligence or lack of intelligence soon enough.
Anonymous said…
There is no way he can win.

PP, have you ever heard of a politician losing a primary and switching parties and then winning a general?
PP said…
Hasn't happened before, and I concur, it isn't going to happen this year.
Anonymous said…
The only thing more incredulous than someone losing an election and then changing parties is anyone who would vote for that person.
Is this not explaining to people that being in office is more important to him than anything. He doesn't care who he represents or what he represents, he just has a narsissistic crusade for himself.
The ego is freightening.
All he needs now is Kate Looby helping him run his race, that will insure a loss.
Anonymous said…
Who cares. The guy is just one big sorry loser.

Let's move on to important stuff.
Chris Madsen said…
I'd say this whole thing is getting just about weird enough. It is for me, anyway.
Anonymous said…
The ego on this man is not measureable. There has yet to an instrument invented capable of capturing the immense dimensions of his narcissism.
Can he really think that he is so good at what he does that he can get people to vote for him based only on his person? Does he think that he is such a natual leader that people will follow him blindly? Does he not give people any credit for being able to think for themselves?
Someone please tell him that it is over for him, he is making a fool out of himself.
Anonymous said…
As I see this whole thing, the only Adlestein can win is if pays every voter to cast a vote for him. Once a looser always a looser. Go to AZ Stan.
Anonymous said…
Don't let the right wing nuts on this blog fool you. Stan has an excellent chance of winning as a D.
feasant said…
Stan does stand a good chance of winning, but if he got to Pierre he would be worthless. every R would vote against him just because.

Chris when are you going to run again?
Anonymous said…
"every R would vote against him just because"

there is some good insight into the mind of our republican legislators.
Anonymous said…
Don't let the left hand threaded wingnuts on this blog fool you.

The only thing little stan has a chance of winning is the democrat nomination. bunch of losers..hahaha
Anonymous said…
Lets face it. You taliban republicans can't get over yourself and your braintrust leaders. I am so sick of incessant talk about Stan and his money. It sounds like a lot of jealousy on your part. He is a moderate man of the people who cares deeply about his state and its people. I think you will be very surprised at the outcome of your token 1215.

Women and men of South Dakota find your tolerance to others reprehensible and frankly criminal. You stop at nothing to terrorize other moderate republicans and for the moment it appears to be working. Just remember terrorists never win in the end and it only brings the people terrorized and their communties together.

Frankly people are ready for a change of leadership and it may take a few years but we are willing to wait.

Just look at other states that have gone overboard and had leaders that stopped at nothing to win. In the end the red states turn purple and then blue. Is this what you want? If so, you have chosen the pathway to our redemption.

I am a woman and frankly I will stop at nothing to make sure my reproductive rights are protected. You will probably next try to take away my right to have birth control and will make me quit my job and stay home to take care of your home and fill it with what- 10,12, 15 babies. Is that what you want? Yes, and then maybe you can extol your virtues to the world as you let us be slaves with no voices.

I encourage you to read the New York Times magazine titled "The War on Contraception" on May 7th as it is a scary interpretation of the far rights dream of controlling women by ruling over their bodies.

Wake up and smell the Starbucks- HB 1215 is only the beginning of the grand scheme to control our lives as we know it.

Say yes to Stan and no to HB1215.

Soccer mom
Anonymous said…
You know, there's a decent chance that a certain US Senator from Connecticut could end up doing what Stan is seriously contemplating. But no, PP, I'm not aware of any case where even someone who lost and went Independent won in the general.
Anonymous said…
Soccer Mom....

Blah, blah, blah.

Listen, you left wing looney: Stan's welcome to his opninion. We're just sick of him trying to mold the party into his own image, while calling the rest of us names.

If one has a cancerous lesion, it's best to remove it before the whole body dies. I just hope we caught Stan, our concerous lesion, in time.
Anonymous said…
Wow, great response. You complain about Stan calling the ultra-conservatives names and then you do the same exact thing. Great post, why don't you try using some intellect and produce some points about the actual election?

Look, the primary election was 2145/1971 for Elli. So even if every single Republican sticks with Elli or Stan and votes in the General that leaves 5463 for Elli and if every Democrat votes that leaves 5993 for Stan. That leaves the 2142 independent voters in that district as a pretty damn important group to be courting from now to November.

It is definitely a winnable district, which doesn’t come along very often for Dems in Rapid City.
george said…
"Yes, Stan. Trust their voices..... in June, they said NO."

the use of pronouns (their in this case) can be tricky and needs to be done with absolute clarity. this quote was refering to stan's reliance on the voters (of the entire district) who elected him before. those that voted 'NO' are not the same group of voters.

there has been a the question of whether or not stan can win this election, and the answer is that he has an excellent chance if he recieves the democratic nomination. this is more than a candidate losing and then becoming a third party candidate (i.e. pat buchanan or the possible joe l.). stan would be the only candidate for the democrats, especially one that wouldn't repulse them. stan would also have strong support from republican voters (even mild support would be big b/c of the voter breakdown).
Anonymous said…
I have no problem with Adelstein or anybody else having money to burn. Good for them. Since when is that a bad thing??? HOWEVER, this whole thing about an announcement from him is sickening. He (and his advisors) mistakenly think that everybody is sitting on the edge of their seats, breathlessly waiting to hear what he says. His ego is unbelievable.
Anonymous said…
Soccer mom 7:21 AKA Kate Looby.
Thinly disguised Kate. We know its you.
Anonymous said…
I think Stan would be great for the democratic party. They have wanted to republicans all along.
They know it's the right thing to do.
Anonymous said…
Soccer Mom....
" I would stop at nothing to protect my reproductive rights"
What does that mean?
It would imply that you would commit acts of terrorism and murder. Isn't that what you would call a prolife individual?
K said…
Yeah 11:29, Kate Looby is the only mom in the state who's against 1215. I'm sure that's it.
Anonymous said…
Listen here boys, I am not going to come and blow you up. You are doing a good enough job with that yourselves. I am a republican who has voted republican exclusively in the past. In most states I would probably even be considered a conservative. I am just saying that there is far too much extremism going on and not enough looking at what the party actually stands for and the limited roll government should really have.

Stan is not asking the party to endorse everyone of his ideas. He is asking for more tolerance. He has given heavily to republicans who share his viewpoint or at least are pretending. If they don't agree with Stan let them stand up and send back their checks. I would like names of those who have done that. If they are taking the money from someone they don't respect, they are greedy cowards.

I think that there are a handful of evil bandits ruining the party and maybe they should start their own party and quit crashing ours. South Dakotan are not stupid, and they believe in more than one issue- but you guys are all about one issue. Janklow was a man who actually accomplished great things and didn't pander to wild extremism on either side. What happened to that kind of republicanism.

And enough talk of rinos and dinos. You are wooly mammoths that will find your way to the tar pits. Good luck in November, boys.

And quit picking on Kate anyways.

Republican soccer mom
Anonymous said…
Hey anonymous 9:33-
Once a looser always a looser?
Where did you learn to spell? Evidently your school district held too much in reserve and didn't educate you very well.

I am quite sure Stan is a better speller than you- and a heck of a lot smarter.

After all that is why he is a wealthy businessman, and is staying that way.
Anonymous said…
annon 12:02-
They're not "soccer" moms. They're "Sucker" Moms.
Anonymous said…
anon 6:19

You are an idiot!
Anonymous said…
anon 6:19

Anonymous said…
anon 6:19

I hope you aren't married. If so, I assume your wife has pressed her maid's uniform today for your housecleaning pleasure. Maybe you'll let her go out on Saturday for time out for good behavior.
Anonymous said…
Let me guess who the mysterious anon 6:19 is

My top 5
Lee Schoenbeck
Jerry Apa
Brock Greenfield
Doctor Unruh
unfrozen caveman lawyer

Or my favorite choice

All of the above
Anonymous said…
Stan: Do it. You know it is you. You won't have to convince anyone over there your ideas are in the mainstream of the party.

Do us all a favor and quit pretending and take the other liberals with you! Good riddence! Don't let the door hit you in the . . . . If you don't like it, leave it!

Prediction: Stan will feel more at home when he loses the general election. That is what it is really about: associating with like, simple minds.
Anonymous said…
Anon's 6:19, 8:33, 8:14 and 8:45....she wasn't suggesting you get out your presidential knee pads, like you do for BC.
She WAS properly labeling you as the stupid, ignorant deconstructers of civil society that you are.
Anonymous said…
anonymous 11:46

You are welcome to your demented ideas- it is a free country. I hope you enjoy being dominated by a bunch of idiot legislators that think you are just an object without need for free thought. I doubt this really came from a women. Unless Jerry has extorted enough money for his sex change.
Anonymous said…
Anon 7:14,
Stan, you really are a sorehead loser.

Nothing but a bruised orange.
Anonymous said…
Anon 9:51

A bruised orange? what the hell does that mean? You are seriously wacked.
Anonymous said…
anon 7:18


You aren't really that stupid, are you???

Use that super, free thinking brain we're always hearing about.....good god, what a dolt.
Anonymous said…
Anon 9:51

"Bruised Orange"?

Where you home-schooled at the John Koskan nuclear-powered home school?

What is this--some sort of strange Old Testament coded reference that only you, Apa, Brock and Schoenbeck can understand?

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