TeenAge Republican Camp only has a few spots left

If you are a teenager or have a teenager and want them to learn about leadership, I just got a note that the South Dakota Teenage Republican Camp has a few spots left for interested people that they'd like to see filled. (Actually, I need to talk to my crabby teenager myself about it).

What's the itinerary? From the website:
What do campers do at camp?
TAR Camp offers unprecedented access to South Dakota's Republican leaders. Campers will be able to hear our state's leaders address current issues and ask questions. There are also sessions on political campaigns, conservative philosophy and citizenship. Of course, the main focus at TAR Camp is F U N and we visit the Black Hills Playhouse, Rushmore Waterslide, and watch movies.
One thing I'm noticing is that there will be transportation provided from many locations in South Dakota. Always a plus when figuring out how to get a teenager across the state.

It's fairly inexpensive to send your teenager - $250 for everything, and scholarships and other financial assistance are also available.

Go to the website at http://www.sdtars.com/tar_camp/ for complete information, and make a point to send your teenager today.


Anonymous said…
Between this and the Purity Balls, my kids are set!
mjb said…
The Dem's have a camp like this themselves.

Except they go around hugging the trees instead of studying democracy underneath them.
feasant said…
Thanks for the chuckle.
Anonymous said…
I don't know feasant. I thought 8:26 was much better.
Todd Epp said…
Wasn't there that line in "American Pie V" where the young Republican woman said, "There was this one time, at TAR camp. . . "
Anonymous said…
He said Balls...
scimitar said…
Are they going to tell the TARs about all the times the GOP has betrayed its professed ideals in the past 4 years at the state level by:
1) raising taxes unnecessarily with $1 billion in reserves;

2)fighting tax cuts proposed by Democrats (food sales tax) while we have $1 billion in reserves;

3) growing government by over 800 employees;

4) forcing school districts to raise property taxes due to insufficient state funding?

Are they going to tell TARs about the GOP betraying its professed ideals at the national level by:

1) unprecedented growth of government bureaucracies;

2) Out of control deficit spending, with debt pushed off on their future kids;

3) Big brother spying on every American's phone, bank, internet records?

Maybe the'll talk about how Brownie did a heck of a job with the hurricane, or how they caught Osama Bin Laden.

Do you think they'll mention all of the convicted GOP officeholders?

If TAR Camp actually includes the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, I'll send my Democratic kids. But it's probably just more obfuscation and indoctrination.
PP said…
Jeez guys, this was just a notice that parents could send their kid to the camp.

And scimitar, I'm sure they'll talk about convicted GOP officholders about the time the Teen Dem camp explains how to get protein stains out of blue dresses.
Anonymous said…
Better protein stains on dresses than 2500 dead americans and a generations worth of debt based on half truth's, selected intellegence and Dick Cheney's anger issues leading us into Iraq. Come to think of it, can a 42 year old go to TAR camp? I am a Republican.

Thanks for the post helping to get the word out on camp. I can see from the comments that your website manages to reach the junior high element that we are looking for.

But seriously, I hope that we can get a few kids so please pass on the information to anyone interested.

Thanks for the post helping to get the word out on camp. I can see from the comments that your website manages to reach the junior high element that we are looking for.

But seriously, I hope that we can get a few kids so please pass on the information to anyone interested.
Paige said…
i am not crabby, thank you very much.
scimitar said…
PP, good jab. They know how to get protein stains out of dresses, but some people want to keep to the protein stains they "acquire".

Before DNA testing, a protein stain was just a protein stain. I wonder if they saved any of J. Edgar Hoover's blue dresses to test the stains?
jeffymom said…
I attended my first TAR Camp in '88. I really wasn't that excited about it, but I wanted to be a page when I was a senior and the County GOP was paying for it.

I had a great time. It was like a small high school. 50+ teens from across the state. We had a few rich snobby kids, a couple of geeks, a class clown or two, and the rest of us. It was incredible opportunity to meet constitional officers, former politicians, play volleyball, see a play, and do regular camp stuff.

I attended TAR Camp four summers. I had the opportunity to tour a B-2 bomber at Ellsworth, personally meet Gov. Mickelson, meet a young John Thune when he worked at the SBA, and went to camp with quite a few of the current up and comers in the GOP. I know I wouldn't have had those experiences anywhere else. And, I was chosen as a Senate page my senior year.

P.S. The difference between TeenDem camp and TAR Camp is simple: When we took a field trip we took two busses. They took one minivan. :)
Anonymous said…
you didn't see a b-2, you saw a b-1...is that you Randy F?
jeffymom said…
Frederick? No. He was my district's representative for most of my TAR years.
PP said…
Hey, I think I got my oldest daughter talked into it.

"She shall be assimilated"

Except the bad part is that I have to write the check. (dammit)

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