Press Release - Billion Campaign Establishes Cyberspace Groups (can Naughty Internet pictures featuring Todd Epp be far behind?)

From the Billion Campaign tonight, something we haven't seen in South Dakota Campaigns before. They're setting up Internet Discussion groups at various places on the Internet:

SIOUX FALLS--The Billion for Governor campaign has established sites in cyberspace where voters and supporters can interact.

Jack Billion has a MySpace site located at It includes a blog and bulletin board. Videos will also be available there. MySpace members can request to be friends of Jack at the page.

The campaign has also established public forum sites at Google Groups at and at Forumsplace at Readers will need to register to participate. The forums are moderated.

"We're hoping to reach out to the 18-30 year old generation that hasn't always been involved in politics," said Tim Billion, Jack Billion's 20 year old son and one of the designers of the online effort. "Hopefully, the young people we bring in will have a lot of involvement ahead of them."

"Our online effort is another example of how we can expand the discussion of issues in South Dakota in a spirit of openness that we haven't experienced lately," said Jack Billion. "We can use the technology to reach out to South Dakotans and give them additional opportunities to participate in our campaign."
And the second pictures of Billion Press Secretary Todd Epp show up in the newsgroups depicting him in tiger print bikini briefs, I'm going to cancel my subscription to the Internet. (Just kidding Todd).


Todd Epp said…

A correction to your post: Leopard print, not tiger print.

Anonymous said…
I can't wait untill Jack gets the X rated POP UP's attached to his MYSPACE......that will get some votes.

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