So, does this mean a certain former Senator from Rapid City is one of South Dakota's first "South Park Republicans"

After reading about the dilemma of a "soon-to-be former State Senator" and the decision he made this afternoon, it gave me pause to wonder - does South Dakota have one of it's first "South Park Republicans?"

A friend sent this to me knowing of my ribald enjoyment of the foul mouthed 5th graders, and it oddly fits in this situation.

For those of you not familiar with the term, as I wasn't until a few days ago, here's a bit of mild amusement for the late evening. From the Wikipedia definition of "South Park Republican:"

South Park Republican is a term that was circulated in a few articles and weblogs on the Internet circa 2001 and 2002, to describe what was claimed by the authors as a "new wave" of young adults and teenagers who hold political beliefs that are, in general, aligned with those that seem to underpin gags and storylines in the popular television cartoon. The phrase was coined in 2001 by commentator Andrew Sullivan, who identified himself as a South Park Republican after hearing that the show's creators had "outed" themselves as Republicans at an awards ceremony.

The term is meant to be more of a casual indication of beliefs than a strong partisan label. While South Park co-creator Matt Stone is a registered Republican, co-creator Trey Parker is actually a registered member of the Libertarian Party.


As the show's co-creator, Matt Stone, sums it up: "I hate conservatives, but I really... (EXPLETIVE REDACTED) hate liberals."

Well, God knows that Stan isn't a conservative. But as he mentioned in a press conference with an egotistical and self aggrandizing lead up until today, he just couldn't go the other way.

Speaking of his announcement today..... well, I think I'd like to know what the Dems have to say on all of this: Are you ok with this? Are you better off only having Stan's love and money and not his political affiliation? Was he leading you along only to jump off the hook at the last minute, and you feel a little used? What's the scoop?

I'm not pre-judging anything at this point. I'd just like a little insight.


brian aust said…
I saw a former Nixon staffer on TV the other night talking about a recent book he's authored, where he says that the GOP has taken a hard turn over the course of a few decades. He's a self-proclaimed Barry Goldwater conservative, and is remiss about the direction of the party.

He did extensive research into the idea of authoritarian governments, and what makes leaders turn that way, and what makes people follow them. It was quite interesting, coming from someone who has been involved in GOP politics for over five decades.

His name was John Dean, and his book was titled Conservatives Without Conscience.

Apparently Stan is in the same boat as Mr. Dean - someone who consideres himself a Republican as it was defined 20 years ago, but, has been left behind by current priorities.

Apparently the book goes on to talk about effective leaders understand that leading from either extereme is not effective in American, because most people hold values in the middle.

It seems to make sense nationally. How that plays out in South Dakota, well... I think I'll give that more thought after I read the book.
Todd Epp said…

Now, aren't you sad you said all those mean things about StanA since he's now staying in your party? Now, take all those mean things you said back. Be a big boy. Take them back. I'm sure StanA will forgive you. See if he'll run an ad now on "The College" for TomKat. You might want to raise your rates for that one.

Todd Epp
Very Much Tongue in Cheek (No, not THAT cheek!)
PP said…
There are some things even "shameless whore me" won't do for money.
Bob Newland said…
Ironic that John Dean should write a book called, "Repubs w/o Conscience". Dean had none when he worked for Nixon's plumbers, and he only acquired one when he was threatened with about 60 years in prison.

Of course, Abrahamoff appears to be acquiring one, now, too.

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